LISTEN : Soul Jah Love Claps Back With Zvinhu

"Handizi Chinhu, ndiri Zvinhu!"

It was a chilly day in Mutare, Zimbabwe an event of some sort was in progress. Dignitaries were present, they gave speeches and all, but one thing stood out. The whole nation burned ablaze as Soul Jah Love, who was scheduled to perform at the event was called out and told that he was being a nuisance.

That was being modest though, the actual words were,

“Soul Jah Love hachisi chinhu!”

The whole stadium was brought to a stand still. One of the biggest acts in ZimDancehall had just been told that wasn’t sh*t! Live on national TV! As expected the wildfire spread to social media, a video recording of the event was shared on WhatsApp groups, with Jah Love’s loyal following crying foul. They did not like the way their star was called out.

However Chibaba, as he is popularly known, replied in a way he knows best. This is in form of a hot track titled Zvinhu and we must tell you that it is a banger. Subtle shade is present in the lyrics with the punchline of the track saying,

“Soul Jah Love hachisi chinhu
Asi Zvinhu…”

Can we say shots fired? Or maybe allow the dancehall chanter to flourish as he asks for forgiveness at the end of the track. Contradiction much Makuruwani!

Is Soul Jah Love launching a political career? Just kidding! Listen to the track below.



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