#DoubleReview For T1 Wema1’s #Double Drop!



Award nominated T1 Wema1, the artist behind the Inzwa album has brought us a collective package featuring two new singles titled My Gyal and Get Mani. We had a listening session and we must admit that we were impressed.

My Gyal ft Galis Kush
As the title suggests, this song is dedicated to the ladies. Giving off a sound that is almost similar like Drake‘s Controlla, My Gyal is a dance tune that gets the ladies shaking their musika!

Not only is it a promising favourite for the dance floor, it blurs the line between Hiphop heads and Dancehall fans as it presents a production that infuses sounds from both the dancehall and Hip-Hop genre elements and would draw both loyal listeners attention.

The lyrical content is spot on and gives the females that appreciation as well, especially the featured Galis Kush verse which is just attractive to the so-called dancers. This is a really good effort. Our favourite!


Get Mani
This one is an anthem for those hard workers out there who earn what’s rightfully theirs and have to acknowledge all those who try to bite on their fruits yet have provided nothing towards those rewards.
T1 Wema1 tells us,


“Haazi Mafunny,I’m trynna get money,Hupenyu mahwani..”making his objective in this game clear.

We also have to compliment the art work on this piece which is a sight for sore eyes and illustrates a relevant theme of the song.

The production by Vic Enlisted(producer behind both tracks) on Get Mani is brilliant, from the intro drum base to the marimba sounds that slip in as we warm into the song providing a powerful  combination.
However on the downside, T1 Wema1 seems to have shifted from his usual rap delivery to adapt to the common rap style that we have in this age. Some call it being ‘n-trend’ but others might say, “He’s biting!”

Will the tracks get positive response from the audience? We guess we will find out soon!


'If you don't agree with my taste, change your taste buds'-Dale Lipha Gondo aka TheGondoVision

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