#PICS: Getting #LOST In Bulawayo

Quick review & some sick pics by Mandipa Masuku

Bulawayo’s #LOST Train/Bush Party kicked off over the weekend. The event which was inspired by the Vic Falls Carnival traditional day two Bush Party left us all with one question, “Would it live up to the hype?” Mandipa who attended both events gave us an #ENTHUSE-iastic account of the experience.

The first whistle was nerve wrecking, I wondered am I actually getting onto a stream train to a destination unknown? My first impression was that it was a young crowd … but when i finally got into the train it was filled with all age groups. Cooler boxes filled to the brim and laughs of excitement was all you could hear until the music set in. It eased my worries. When I looked to the left cart…. I heard sounds from Bulawayo’s finest Djs. House heads and old school jammers mingled on one stage for common interest and for a bloody good time!

I wanted to get a feel of the overall train so I went to the right cart this time the VIP which had a subtle bad a bougie element. Bottles and snacks were the theme. Good  music and the “who’s who of Bulawayo” all in one cart … every table had a different mood but all good moods. Shisha bars at every other corner and games. I got to meet loads of people, considering I went there on my own. “This was fun!”
We were all keen to see where we headed by the time the train come to a slow stop. The train ride was so slow but the music was so impressive we didnt even realise it took us 1 hour, 20mins to get 30km out of town. We hopped off and walked towards a tent in the middle of nowhere. There was no network so our GPS wouldn’t work. Food awaited us in the big white tent as the DJs set up for the rest of the evening. We sat around the fire chatted laughed and drank. We stood and danced. The sun rose and I realised it had nearly been a 24hr cycle before I slept. We were woken up to cocktails and meat – a hangover fix.

Although they didn’t 100% deliver on their promises, the turnout and the bonfires chills were just the best
I’d give the vibe a good 7,5 …. the train ride a 10 the execution a 5 and the overall experience a good 8 .
It was nice having something different to do, I’d say #LOST was an epic experience.


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