Top 10 Zimbabwean Videos #MayEdition


This year is the year of visuals in Zimbabwe. The music video directors are tearing each other apart in the race to claim the spot as the leading videographers. With nice tracks dropping each day, all we can pray for is beautiful videos and 2017 has been full of them. Here is our rundown.


10. Ras Caleb – Msombodhiya
Here is a guy famed for his vocals. From the time he dropped the emotional Tokwe Mukosi in tribute to the victims of flooding around the Tokwe Mukosi Dam in Masvingo, it was clear that this guy has a superstar. His conscious reggae vibes are infectious and Msombodhiya is not an exception. A tale of a man’s love with the illicit brew which is now a part of people’s lives in the high density suburbs. Creatively shot and surely deserves this spot.


9. Mudiwa – Slaying
The controversial rapper dropped the first shaker in 2017. The video was filed with braggadocio that does not even ooze of Church or maybe it does. The video shot at businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s Domboshava Mansion, it resonates the message Mudiwa has been trying spread all these years. He loves to spend! However the video lacks substance because of no creative direction. Just big cars, a beautiful woman and a big house. We’ll be sure to pray to God so we can slay too!

8. Jah Prayzah ft Mafikizolo – Sendekera
In his bid to gain the love of Africa, Jah Prayzah has been on a collaboration spree with the latest rumour suggesting Davido. However in this one he decided to court the services of South African Afropop duo Mafikizolo. A weak product from seasoned producer Maporisa and a beautiful video from Molotov Cocktail. The video does not help the lack of fire in the track. But it’s a beautiful video, we can’t take that from it!


7. Tytan – Bho
Still reeling from the success of Mukoko (and still living in that moment), King Mukoko, Tytan brought us a really nice track in the form of Bho. The video shot by Mr Elders, features rapper Stunner who Tytan is rumoured to be beefing with. Hmmm! In the video Stunner cheats on his bride-to-be and Tytan becomes the knight in shining armour and bags the bride. Sounds familiar right? Tytan arikumubata Bho!


 6. Nutty O – Bugatti
One of the most underrated songs this year, Bugatti by Nutty O is a real dancehall banger. The switch up by Nuty O since joining Military Touch Movement a Jah Prayzah led outfit, has been nothing but impressive. This track has the quality and substance to make an impact on the international stage. Umsebenzi kaBlaqs!


5. Sandra Ndebele ft Mzoe 7 – Ingoma
An upbeat afropop sound from the Queen of Afrofusion Sandra Ndebee featuring the ever Mr So-Versatile Mzoe 7 is also one of the most underrated tracks in Zimbabwe right now. A definite club banger that gets the people on the dancefloor. Shot and directed by the master of colour grading Andy Cutta, this is a masterpiece that surely deserves airplay all around.


4. Takura – Mungandidii
One of the most talented and secretive ‘rappers’ of this generation. Once a member of Soul Afrika but now pushing a successful solo career, Takura is becoming a master of visuals. This video still sticks to his roots of the ghetto. Cameos by comedians Boss Khedha, the Comic Pastor and Bhutisi gives this video a good feel. Dj Towers also features in the video selling freezits! Well, you can’t diss a man’s hustle right. A beautiful video for a definite banger.

3. Killer T – Bvunza Tinzwe
Pictures from the video shoot caused some waves as they showed Killer T in a coffin. The video lived up to the hype. A definite upgrade in quality that had been lacking in most ZimDancehall videos. We cannot wait for what the Chairman is up to next!

2. Charlie Kay ft Nox – Ndokuda Wakadaro
Charlie Kay has been sidelined from airplay because of where he is situated at but we can assure you that when it comes to his visuals, his relationship with director Tatenda Jamera is magical. Ftrom the smash hit Vimbai they progressed to this wedding vibe which features Nox. This is one of our favourite videos so far!

1. Mr Kamera ft Ice Prince, Bryan K & Gemini Major – Pamusika
This talented producer is most surely one of the best talents out of Zimbabwe. He came through with the original release which cause shockwaves throughout the continent. The remix made it even better as he got Ice Prince and Gemini Major to lend their verses. The theme of the song resonates with the location of the shoot. Clean visuals accompanying a good Afrobeat track. He grabs our top spot!


#SpecialMention ExQ ft Roki and Alexio Kawara – I Love You


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