#WCW Chanje Kunda Zambia's Performing Playwright

#WCW Chanje Kunda Zambia’s Performing Playwright

Chanje Kunde, the Zambian born, British raised Poet, Playwright and Performance Artist Chanje Kunda has had both a prolific and brave career and it’s no surprise why she’s our Woman Crush this Wednesday! We highlight the exciting journey one our new favourite Afro-playwright has experienced.

#WCW Chanje Kunda Zambia’s Performing PlaywrightChanje is in the habit of  experimenting with abstract and pictorial performances and themes. As a playwright Chanje has had two full length plays produced, her first was entitled ‘Blue Black Sister’ (2009), and had a run at the award-winning Royal Exchange Studio. Chanje has also produced a piece of performance art entitled #ICantBreathe for digital media as a way of using art as activism in light of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Not too long after her play entitled ‘Amsterdam’, adapted from her book of poetry, toured throughout the UK in 2014/15. It toured South Africa in 2016, being featured on the main programme at The National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and the 969 Festival in Johannesburg.  The play was also nominated for Best Studio Production.

In ‘Amsterdam’, Chanje did what many people dream of but can’t quite bring themselves to do- she left her office, packed her suitcase and set off for a new life in Amsterdam. She moved from England to the Dutch city with her son after falling in love whilst on holiday in 2012.  The play is inspired by her experience as a female artist and lover in the Netherlands.

“I was born in Zambia. I came to the UK when I was seven-years-old and grew up in Manchester. I do go back to Zambia to visit relatives. Even in my play Amsterdam I do refer to Zambia as well; that’s part of my heritage.” Chanje said. ( Afrodiziak 2014).

#WCW Chanje Kunda Zambia's Performing Playwright


“Everyone has times in their life which are pivotal…moments when your heart takes you on a journey that shocks you into an intense ‘other’ way of being. This is what Amsterdam is about.” – Press Release


‘Amsterdam’ will also be showing in Harare this week! Chanje will perform the solo play during the Harare International Festival of Arts.

“I’m performing the show in small scale venues where it’s really intimate. I will recite for them, I will dance for them, I will move them and I will take them on an emotional journey to another land.” said Chanje

The tale is a story of love, risk and liberation with support from the British Council will show at Reps Theatre at $10 from 4 to 7th May.

Thursday 4 May 6PM
Saturday 6 May  9:30 PM
Sunday 7 May 2 PM

The piece which contains a rollercoaster of poetry, drama, live art, choreography and music is certainly a must-see.




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