By Nekundi Erasmus

Windhoek – One is never truly aware of the burning desire within the Namibian youths to have a chance to present and be the ambassadors of the country’s most prominent awards ceremony, the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), until you have made time and attend the awards’ presenters’ auditions.

It was one of those Saturday mornings were you are free, thus hauled out of bed and thought, ag, let me just go and check out this event (NAMAs presenters’ auditions).

On the 4th of February, it was talent galore as a horde of young, energetic and vibrant talented Namibians swamped the NBC Television Centre with the sole aim of trying to convince a panel of television and Nama executives of a chance to be chosen as a select few. This group of presenters will grace the stage as part of the 10 chosen stars in the making, to host the biggest live televised event in the country, the NAMAs 2017.

Hosting the NAMAs is often seen as a leap to ascend into the world of stardom and showbiz. And the audition is quite a commendable measure to test the waters, attract new talent, identify, nurture and eventually catapult these young, vibrant and aspiring talent onto new heights within the local and international social scenes. I wanted to audition but then an audible whisper at the back of my mind was like “sometimes you need to let those who can do the job to do the job.” I wish I have what it takes to present the NAMAs but eish, it is good for those that possess the skills required and raise to stardom.

On the day, the presence of the cream of the crop was mesmerizing as they came through to save the date. In the same order, chance-takers alike who simply wanted to see whether they have what it takes to grace one of the biggest music show on the continent were something to behold on with enthusiast as they demonstrated and showcased their skills.

Being lucky to have been afforded a chance to witness the auditions, I could firmly utter that besides the glitz, glamour and fame, being a host for the NAMA goes far and beyond good looks and a capturing smile. It is a job that requires the skill to focus, a personality that can speak volumes without words, a stage presence and above all, a Namibian music lover by heart.

Now we are just waiting for the 28th & 29th of April, a date when the NAMAs awards will take place, and then we will be able to see how the successful candidates from the auditions are going to deliver.


Brief about the NAMAs:

The Namibia Music Awards (NAMAs) is Namibia’s biggest musical event which recognizes, celebrates, values and rewards Namibian artists for their meaningful artistic hard works and contribution to the Namibian arts and culture. Before it became what and where it is today, the NAMAs was just a small musical occurrence which dates back to 1988/89, when it was simply known as the Music Makers Competition. By then, the competition was merely organised by the artists and music producers themselves and Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) which was and still entrusted with the task to broadcast the awards live. To date, the NAMAs is the eminent live televised awards ceremony in the country alluring a national viewership of over 800 000 viewers. Over the years, the event has been live streamed across the world enchanting viewers from Europe, America and Asia.


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