Doc Vikela’s Year Of Transition

We’ve known the Zimbabwean Comic as the doctor of Comedy in the highest regard, prescribing laughter as the best medicine for years. The Comedian who is named Victor Mpofu off stage spent the better part of last year featuring on the Comedy Skit production house; Bustop TV. on the satirical show ‘Dear Africa’.  His bragging rights include co-founding the Comedy syndicate of sorts ‘Simuka Comedy’. Fast forward to today Doc Vikela is done with being and coming and is ready to go for “broke”; branching his craft into film and referring to 2017 as his year of growth.

“This year is my year for Growth, and as such I am expanding my wings into acting – already done a pilot for a sitcom and now I got a couple scripts for movies ” said Doc Vikela in an impromptu chat with #ENTHUSE

Not one for moderation, the all round ‘funny guy’ has some tours scheduled beyond his borders too,

“I have a UK tour this February, and many more international performances that are currently being discussed and yet to put pen to paper! I intend to travel to at least 5 countries this year and do performances there!” he Enthused.

Comedy is a craft that has until recently had a hard time being taken seriously in the Zimbabwean market – pun not intended. Comedians like Doc Vikela, Carl Joshua Ncube, Comrade Fatso are what some would call second generation veterans of the local movement. Younger Comics have been eager to take the Comedy to ‘the next level’ but perhap not aggressively enough according to the good Doctor of Comedy…

“I feel they [new age Comedians]have the talent but not the right mindset! The journey of a Zim Comedian is a journey you always have to keep getting better by initiating new performance spaces and not waiting for a promoter or someone to give you a shot. The youngsters wait to be called for performances, when we started we never waited to called, we knew what we were investing in , something I am yet to see in these new generation comics.” said Doc Vikela 

Doc Vikela kicks of the year in Comedy with a new show. The ‘rare Doctor’ sets out to bring a late cure for all the woes facing Zimbabwe – typhoid, leadership, gold diggers, whistleblowers, rich and divorced, stylish and broke – among other things! If in any way you are affected or you have other rare diseases like having excess cash in January come through for a prognostic diagnosis with Doc Vikela on the 27th of January 2017 and a good laugh so you can decide on what he said…

 “There is a huge difference between a funny guy and a Stand – Up comedian!”



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