Meyniak: Of Bars and Wokeness

Black boots , skinny jeans and a vest topped with a black cap and spectacles. Humility oozing from him with every action he makes and the way he converses. That trance he slides into as soon as he hits the stage set at On The Roof Bar at the Travel Plaza in Harare. He looks like a man in his own world, deep in his element, enjoying every bit of what he is doing. A wise cool kid, rare!

It has been a while since this Meyniak started spitting fire on the mic, but still he is yet to ruffle feathers. If he hasn’t already. Back to his Twimbos Giving Hope Concert performance. Intently mouthing every line from the sideline is his close friend Sharky, looking very proud and inspired. Everyone is whispering amongst themselves and  questions on whether he is Zimbabwean fly around. The crowd is officially blown away. He oozes that J Cole flow fused with a Chance The Rapper element. Every line demands the listener to think deeply.

I am a servant of nature and spirit. A tool that has been blessed with the responsibility of channelling energies existing within me and forces outside that stimulate my body, mind and spirit. I am a son, Virgo, reader, indie folk lover, gardener, watcher and guardian.

Talking of deep philosophical issues that elude most people of his age. Deep bars!

With a mixtape, Humble Beginnings: Just A Nobody, Meyniak launched his career. This was followed by an album in 2015 titled Before Dawn: The Sire.  Still he hasn’t been able to break out despite also dropping an EP, Suicidal Ideation: Colors last year. One wonders how much this artist has to churn out until people actually start to recognise his work.

Taking a listen to his music ultimately a different experience from what you might have after listening to the Ximex mall groupie rappers. Is Meyniak ahead of rappers in his time?  One of his tracks Initiation discusses religion from a very cheeky perspective. He reveals that he drew inspiration from religion and fantasy. “ I find myths on cults and localised pagan fascinating. I decided to write about it.” A description of a ceremony in a flow that echoes the same feel  of J Cole’s storytelling. The spoken word flow and the rhyme scheme is just sick. The wordplay is foreign,verses laden with metaphors and punchlines at every bass drop. To say that this young gun is still rising does not do any justice, we just never understood the message he is relaying to us. He is just to woke for us!

The kind of talent this rapper possesses is not one that we should watch waste away into just a couple of tracks on Soundcloud and stories of a once upcoming rapper. Real rap is now a scarce occurrence in Zimbabwe, Begotten Sun will co-sign that!  All we ask is from you is take time and listen to this selection of Meyniak’s tracks we have compiled for you. You fav might take backseat to rapper cemetery if this kid breaks out!


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