Let me explain by inini
Let me explain by inini

Let Me Explain: New Year, New Problems!

Pa, boom, pa pa pa! Fucking fireworks! I’m really stoned and these kids cannot even give it a rest. It’s not even midnight yet. Can we just let 2016 slide out silently. This has been one cruel and eventful year, but I did not find a job still. Goddamn qualifications!

From Prophets accused of rape to Pastors using their necks as flagpoles. This year was all about religion. I frankly do not care about church or God. He hasn’t been speaking to me, actually he has never. It’s been a while since I set foot into a church. Every church wants money now. I’m broke, I can’t afford religion too. I should go to church in 2017 though. Tomorrow is the 1st of January 2017 and as if God is taunting me, its also a Sunday. Dang!

Boom! Lord help me I will kill these kids. Can they just save those infernal items for the first second of 2017. I’m trying to get my thoughts in order. Just a $2 bondnote left in my pocket. That’s a 200ml of the finest whisky, Two Keys and a Pepsi pet. But I need to call my girlfriend at midnight. Is it even worth it? I’m glad that I smoked before leaving the base, otherwise I would have been dead sober right now. Now what to do with this female that demanded a late night phone call. I hope she has knocked out by now, airtime is another story at this moment

Midnight is upon us and my alcohol is now in order. I sip this vile concoction slowly from my drinking bottle. I feel warm, really warm. I also pity those who were bragging about having money to go to the Castle Lite Block Party at Westgate. These rains have tamed them by now. Karma, such a beautiful thing right!

The firework ruckus has exploded into a full blown choir with so much discord Jesus would walk away from the crucifix. I hate fireworks. But once midnight hits on a New Years Eve, Zimbabweans go on a rampage. The sight is pretty awesome though, for those with ear plugs only! Let’s assume that this woman has knocked out. I no longer have any money to buy airtime and anyway I already owe strive 50c. Ma1!

I sip my brew slowly, as the noise of fireworks an people who are celebrating the new year dies down. What are you so happy about you suckers. It’s just the changing of the calendar, all the problems you had 5 minutes ago in 2016 are still stuck with you. Suckers, lol! My phone rings and its the woman who is supposedly my girlfriend. “ Hey babe, I just called to tell you that I’m pregnant. It’s been 2 weeks since I missed my period. Love ya. Happy New year!” What the actual fuck is this! 2017 was supposed to be better right? Damn! God, did you really leave me?






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