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South African Entrepreneur Invents Dolls That Celebrate African Culture

Watch out, Barbie, there’s a new doll in town. A South African entrepreneur has come up with a range of African dolls, each celebrating a different African culture.There’s a special treat for South African girls this holiday season. A range of dolls called Ntom’benhle — which means beautiful girl in isiZulu.
Each doll represents a different African culture. Molemo Kgomo is the brain behind the brand.

“I started this about 18 months after my older daughter was born. It was the result of not finding a suitable black doll for her to play with. I saw a gap in the market. I looked around to see if there was any doll that I liked and I didn’t find anything,” Kgomo said.

Her frustrations weren’t just about skin color – they were also about celebrating South Africa’s diverse cultures.

“When you wear your traditional attire it just uplifts you you’ve got this pride and you are happy to embrace it, there’s sense of belonging you belong some where you belong to a certain culture a certain tradition you are an African, an African woman,”Kgomo said.

Little girls like the fact that they can identify with the dolls.

Although it hasn’t been easy, demand is growing. And thanks to Kgomo’s online store, the dolls are reaching customers in other countries.

Source: South African entrepreneur invents dolls that celebrate African culture


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