Poetry: African and Black

Figure of a stature of perfection
Affluently gifted with curvaceous thighs
And a beautifully protruding bum
Involuntarily gyrating in accolade
Of their enviable nature

Chocolate and radiant
Awarded with a token of melanin
Could be deep and richly black
Flawlessly beaming
A few shades of her skin

Raised cheekbones
Perfectly described by that wide smile
Exposing the little glowing whiteness in her
And the kindness of her lips
A complimentary chin to shower her majestic looks

Kinky not even blonde nor silky
Black, not white nor coloured
African not American nor Asian
Thick or average, well not too considerate
But I love my woman, African and Black.

Taku Zee

Twitter: @takuzee1



Free Thinker. Loud. Another inhabitant of Terra Firma. I am not your favourite person. Neither do I plan to be. But you will know my opinion. In fact, you will love it.

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