Sylent Nqo Speaks Out On Body Shaming


Sylent Nqoe who is arguably one of the best solo guitarist in Zimbabwe, seems to have gone on a mini-rant on SMedia. The plus sized crooner posted a shirtless picture on Instagram with the following caption

Daf Dunda. Fat Albert. SyFat. Fat-so. Those are a few of the names I have been given by people because of how I look as you can see in that picture and someone yesterday called me “the walking fat” and that showed me how ignorant people are. My point is I love the way I look, proudly 148kg, I’m not your “six pack” dude with the tight abs and ripped arms but I have 6+ packs of confidence, talent, humor and six packs Doritos in my mom’s house waiting for me to destroy them as I count my blessings.

This is sad people. Have we reduced ourselves to fat-shaming? It’s disappointing to know that some people find body-shaming funny or normal.Thumbs up to you Sylent for standing up to these attacks. No person should go through this. Every person must feel comfortable in their own skin without fear of attack or judgement!


This is the Instagram post by Sylent

Kirkpatrick Chidamba

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  • Stephanie
    18 November 2016 at 16:51
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    It’s heartbreaking to say the least and I am so proud of Sylent! Sometimes you need to stand up and tell the hateful people to STFU ! #TeamSylent

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