MC Chita’s Ndinonzi Chitariso Is A Beauty

We got  new offering from MC Chita this month, something new in a hip-hop industry that’s been plagued by mediocre work from the so called “game starters”. From the poor reviews for Tehn Diamond’s #AFGP to the stellar response to new kid Asaph’s Kingsvilla 2. So you maybe be wondering where Chita fits in all of this. Although one cannot really call MC Chita a new kid on the block he has been missing from our playlists for a while but I can safely say he is back.

Bear with me as I break down each song telling you my likes and dislikes…hopefully briefly enough to still have your attention by the end. I started my listen of the “Ndinonzi Chitarisiro” album with the song Hustle On. Which to me has become a regular on my drive to work jams. I mean it’s clean, from vocals to the instrumental it’s a well put together song. The chorus is smooth, giving you that 80’s type of vibe. Luscious Lion would approve for sure.


MC Chita Source: New Zimbabwe

Mira Uwone

Good instrumental, I was however very confused by the whole tempo of the song. The speed sometimes had me pressing in my earphones to hear what Chita was saying. Not as clean as the rest of the songs.

The Pledge

Featuring King Aktive gave the song an interesting hook no lie about that. The instrumental gets a thumbs up whoever is producing MC Chita’s music we need to know even though the first verse left me a bit confused it’s a good song.

F**k Nigga

The instrumental, yes, the bars, yes! If you have that one guy you do not like then this is your song. The hook on this song is perfect and MC Chita adapted his flow well around it.


Another one of my favourite songs on the album, coupled with a chorus that has the craziest bass. Play this in an Altezza and you will turn heads no doubt. Spiritual offerings from the rapper.

Again due to the low attention span that humans already possess I will not go further than this. The album is good, just like any other album it’s got its ups and downs nothing can ever be perfect but it is worth a listen. Out of all the Zimbabwean hip-hop offerings I’ve heard this year his album sits on number three for me.


  1. Mira Uwone
  2. The Pledge
  3. F**k Nigga
  4. Inshalla
  5. Zvinoita
  6. Thatsolano
  7. Pardon U
  8. No Dhiri
  9. Hustle On
  10. Clear Mi Way
  11. The Reaping
  12. Gcwala
  13. December 2 December
  14. Sas Rema Bosses
  15. Maihwe MMC All Stars
  16. I Believe
  17. One Way

Rating: 4 Outta 5 

Kuda Mukudu



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