#CoffinAssault & Racism The Song That Never Ends

The outcry of racism still continues moreso in South Africa. After the Penny Sparrow derogative posts early this year we thought it was the last but it seems that racial turmoil continues to reign in South Africa.

More recently a video went viral of two white men Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen as they forced a wailing black man into a coffin. The two allegedly kidnapped Mcebo Dlamini and forced him in a coffin at gun point. The 20 seconds video is really a testimony of infringement of one’s dignity or rather should I say, that of all black people. How can someone have the audacity to assault, stuff a human being in a coffin and even threaten a human being’s life. This humiliation can only be based on their blatant dehumanization of the victim because of his race.

While we are on the subject, who in their right mind keeps a coffin in their house? In search of more mystery? When the alleged coffin guys appeared in court they were not cuffed but the victim Mcebo Dlamini was cuffed instead.  How could the heartless monsters be given first class treatment when the victim was in chains. Was it because they were white? Comments have been blasting on social media in one accord, the #CoffinAssault is an outrageous example of white privilege!

The question that remains is that how many other cases have gone unnoticed of such occurrences. As much we would want to deny it racism still breathes in the streets of Africa. It is heartbrreaking that after decades of myth-busting and legal manuscripting that one would still have the mentality that one skin color is superior to others!

Doesn’t the same blood flow in our veins ? Whether white, black or mixed race, everyone deserves nothing less than respect! I guess all we can do is dream.

Munashe Chakaonda



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