A Rant From An African #AntiBlesser

Has the African girl child gone so astray  and void of self-worth and dignity? Should we call it desperation or it is just the love of money and material things; also known as “Keeping up with the Kardishians’’ Syndrome. Many 21st century girls are the part of a trending cult like activity. The ‘in thing’ that’s a lot like one of those things that people call you dumb for NOT doing. Ooh you must be wondering what ‘I am talking about, let me let you in. I’m talking about the so called ‘blessers’ and ‘blessees’. You got me right, actually you might even have one yourself…I see you!

In most cases when someone says they are blessed something good should have happened in their lives. Apparently the term blesser is being used on a whole another level by 21st century youngsters. ‘Blesser’ has been used loosely on social media and has trended for most of this year. A blesser is a person whether male or female and from any age who can sponsor in monetary value or gifts. The name has redefined the common traditional name sugar daddy to a whole another level. Remember all the hard work and NGO money that went towards eradicating Sugar Daddies? Well it turns out they have made a comeback with a different punch and definition.

This is a mole in our society and it must be rooted out people. It is so sad I heard from one of the news miniature vessels “whatsapp groups” that a girl let a man between her thighs for the sake of a bottle of the famous whisky Hennessy. C’mon it is just a bottle of alcohol with a label on it. I’m so mad. Really, are you kidding me? How can that be worth your dignity as a woman? Some women are a disgrace to all women hood and cause shame to us all. Is it worth trading your pride for a good time that doesn’t last forever? Are we (women) now such a basic commodity that can be bought? Is it desperation or alack of self-pride, I wonder? I pity all girls or guys who have fallen prey to blessers. You all deserve a “WUUUUUH SHEM!” from Somizi!

The thought of such people gives me goose bumps and make me want to throw-up. The term has been used widely on social media and I’m stunned there are even levels or should I say blesser levels. Oh You didn’t know? Well here it is, there are low levels blessers who buy airtime and data, then those who buy the infamous Brazilian hair and clothes, second class are the ones that buy iPhones and Cars, at the top of the ladder are the top dogs who bless with trips to Dubai. I’m disgusted.

In closing this is really a serious issue, a new joke has taken off that “when a girl sneezes these days you can’t even say bless you” , you know, just in case she gets the wrong idea. We have become the laughing stock of mankind. Is a bottle of Hennessy, iPhone or trip to God knows where worth your life and dignity. Food for thought, think people use your brains abeg !!!


Munashe Chakaonda


Online Publisher| Creative Writer| Editor In The Making| All About Big Dreams
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  • Munhu
    18 November 2016 at 16:10
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    I blame our economy. As for now lets get blessed …

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