The Entry on #ENTHUSE
The Entry on #ENTHUSE

The Entry: The Mad Man

Submitted under the pseudonym ‘The Mad Man’.

“Draw me into your mind. Let me twist those fantasies and introduce you to a new type of Hell. Earth.”

Look, this may be a controversial topic with the rise of feminism and women fighting for their safety. I do not wish to undermine that fight neither am I saying it’s not a worthy cause. I sympathise with my fellow humans of the other sex, you have been wronged. But, to be honest with you they are some women who are on a whole other level of emotional terrorism. Hiding behind the soft vail of feminism and equal rights, masquerading as the opposite’s sex’s hidden hero. I am in a state of shock, bamboozled and confused about the whole concept of love and the continuity of these so called 21st Century relationships. Let us delve deeper into the story and start with a brief background on what exactly inspired me to write this rubbish as some will call it.

For me the days of Adam symbolised a time of peace, a time when everything was right in the in the world, it was symmetrical. Man coexisting with beasts and being at one with nature. This symmetrical paradise was ruined by God’s ever growing curiosity to tamper with things. God playing god one can say. The theory raised by our Christian counterparts is that God took the left rib or right, whatever, and from it birthed the species, women. Adam had lived a lonely sombre life but I guess like any of us loneliness was a factor. Although I do think this loneliness is a hereditary deformity that we have inherited from the first…from Adam.

In his infinite solidarity woman was birthed and woman coexisted with Adam sharing the responsibility of dominion of the beast. The greatest task that a woman ever received was the dominion over man. Now I can hear all the feminists in my ear complaining about how woman are not here to cook and clean for us, no, that’s not what I meant. By dominion I am referring to the undeniable hold that women have over us. Controlling our emotions, our health etc. I believe this is why men take a knee when proposing to woman, thus making her rule in his life, yes rule not roll, official before the eyes of God.

As stubborn as us men have been portrayed,  there is nothing as stubborn as a woman. “One cannot win an argument with a woman”, is a common saying so do not deny the facts. Whether wrong or right as a man you have to submit to the woman’s value, decision because in all honesty if you do not, your whole world will be sent into an array of assorted arguments spanning over an unidentified time limit. Spanning from past sins to future sin-filled predictions. This is our curse, the curse passed on to us by the first. Our loneliness gene moving through generations and generations of “un-realising” descendants.

The Mad Man

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