ZIM Crafts & Arts Organization To Host Festival For Autism

Explaining Autism

Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people as well as in using language and abstract concepts.

The plight of Zimbabwean children affected by this condition is often largely ignored by the greater populous. The Crafts and Arts International Trust (CAIT) have taken it upon themselves to improve the livelihood of Autistic Zimbabweans by hosting ‘CAIFEST ZIM 2016’.

CAIFEST ZIM 2016 is a three day festival bringing together over 76 artists and DJs from across Zimbabwe to perform for the benefit of this charitable cause. The event will run from 16th to the 18th of December and will include activities such as Arts and Crafts exhibitions for the enjoyment for the entire family.

CAIFEST ZIM 2016 is to be hosted at a venue of equal note, the Talent Village along Donny Brook road in the high density area of Mabvuku, just outside of Harare. A space that identifies, nurtures and develops the creative talents within the Mabvuku area.

According to the organizers in addition to fundraising, the festival has plans of spotlighting unknown talents,   

“this event will showcase the greatest talents in Zimbabwe as it also aims to promote the upcoming community artists who want to make a name in the arts…”explained the event Representatives.

The event has so far enjoying the involvement and support of different organizations and well-wishers.

“They have put their heads together and joined us in our endeavour for the greater good as we continue to show our oneness in facing challenges as a nation” explained Divine Vhovha one the organizers.

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Main Picture: Hellen Dickinson 


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