jah prayzah mdhara
jah prayzah mdhara

We’re Reeling From Jah Prayzah’s Mudhara Vachauya Music Video

Mdhara vazouya! Jah Prayzah just dropped the video to his hit single which is also the title track for his album, Mdara Vachauya. And it’s a scorcher! This guy keeps pushing the bar further up and its going to be real work for other artist to reach this level. It already has over 60k views on YouTube already with a few hours of its release.
Just a thought, is it a coincidence that he dropped it a few hours after ExQ and Ammara dropped the Bhachura video? Yes? No? You decide.

There is a whole new level of creativity in this video. Jah Prayzah seems to have taken the military style to a whole new level contrary to that of Soja Rinosvika Kure. The concept is that of a soldier at war reassuring his spouse that he is going to come home soon. Tanks, helicopters and inspecting of the guard, it seems Mukudzei went all in for this video. The small town location was also a winner and the video girl was just cocoa fire! I can safely say that, it is way better than Tora Mari!jah prayzah mdhara
jah prayzah mdhara This video was shot and directed by Nic Roux of Molotov Cocktail the one who also produced the Tora Mari music video. His other credits include Rands and Nairas, Gigi Lamayne’s Ice Cream and God’s Will. This move to source productions from South Africa is paying dividends to Jah Prayzah, no shade to Slim Magombedze…but the South African guys seems to be doing a better job.

Although, the absence of Jah Prayzah’s band who had since become a common feature in his videos is concerning. Is their absence a result of the videos being shot outside Zimbabwe or maybe Jah is now moving away from the group imagery in an effort to build his individual international brand?
The final scene of this music video which is the homecoming has Jah Prayzah being escorted by some troops. Those should have been his team. Whatever the case may be, this new video could have used the energy that Third Generation Band oozes. #BringBackOurTroops

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