end rape culture now south africa
end rape culture now south africa

Rape Culture, The New Abnormal Norm

What are we fast turning into? Are we a body shaming generation now? Are women supposed to be vilified because society views them as the weaker sex? Is rape now a cool thing? Really?!

The shame that I had when one of the male species from down south tweeted about spiking drinks to trap women! And funny enough other guys joined in the chorus supporting this guy’s tweet and it received quite a number of likes despite its disturbing content. This was a revelation to me. Rape culture is real and social media has exacerbated its prevalence and most people don’t even notice (or maybe they do). Some may feign ignorance and it is for those we present its definition.

Rape culture is a term that was coined by feminists in the United States in the 1970’s. It was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized male sexual violence.”
Robin Warshaw :I Never Called It Rape


It’s a sad fact to know that some of us are still stuck in ages of our ancestors as we feel entitled to any female that walks the face of earth. Rape victims are called snitches and liars when their minds are tortured by the trauma of the encounters. The police fail to handle the case well. With some victims dropping the cases because they would have been ‘advised’ by the police to settle the case out of court, ‘amicably’.  What’s ‘amicable’ to someone whose body has been abused and tossed aside like trash? The justice system has failed to heed the cries of rape victims, now they can’t even find refuge on social media because the rapists are free and online.

There is no excuse for being a rape apologist. If you believe in Human Rights and Universal suffrage why does your train of thought skip a station when it comes to rape? Such sickening posts and tweets fly past our faces every day and we pay them no mind because we don’t care. Yes! We don’t really care, because if we did no person would be tweeting or posting about their rape misadventures. If we did care about rape victims would feel comfortable online because the perpetrators would be in prison. If we did care, rape would be not be an issue right now.

It is mind-boggling to imagine the sanity of a person who posts such vile issues just for retweets and likes. Would you feel comfortable joking about rape if your mother or sibling went through the same ordeal? Do we get to blame this retarded behavior on culture or ignorance? I’m very sure no culture still supports rape right now. And most of you want to be called the cool kids and the pioneers of urban culture but what culture are you pioneering if you are a rape apologist?

This culture needs to be rooted out, forthwith. There is no place in society for sex predators in society and I urge all of you to report promptly if you notice one. We cannot be a generation that does not respect women. Like I asked before, would you feel comfortable supporting rape if your mother or sibling got raped? Let’s #RootOutRapeCulture!

Kirkpatrick Chidamba

Below are some of the bespoken, sickening tweets.img_20161010_145952 img_20161010_145957 img_20161010_150044 img_20161010_150002img_20161010_150442



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