Loud Thoughts On The #MenAreTrash Movement

#MenAreTrash, we are back where we started ladies!!  We have heard different names from men are dogs; men are pigs now its men are trash doesn’t this get old? Yes I know there is an element of truth, men can be really shitty but I strongly believe dealing with the problem is better than moping and parading tweets feeling sorry for ourselves. The context we are now using this hashtag is wrong, now some of us ladies are using it to heal our wounds and as a therapy session, and not face the actual reason for the movement slash campaign. It’s not about dating but about atrocious men who take advantage of women.

Yes I do agree with the cause, but ladies we need to women up! Stop sobbing about your long lost boyfriends and help those who are in reality facing the wrath of a man’s actions. There are trending things like rape culture but it’s funny how some ladies flood their TLs on twitter complaining about how their boyfriends didn’t buy them this and that under #MenAreTrash. It is bamboozling and from where I am standing that is bullsh*t, yes women have been looked down upon for centuries in our communities but let’s not dwell on that, it is high time we dust our shoes, pull up our socks and face the issues that really matter.

Let me clarify things for you, #MenAreTrash campaign is actually meant to address issues like abuse, rape and harassment. Yeah I know the name can be misleading and it is so nauseating that some women have taken this as a leeway to share their daily experience with men. C’mon people!! Stop this nonsense; relationships are now being affected just because one in a hundred women got in a relationship for the wrong reasons. Broken hearts are a result of failed relationship not because men are horrible. Believe that….

The core of the #MenAreTrash is serious and it is alarming. These tendencies are getting out of hand…Oh wait! It already has. I do agree with some posts that argue that a better name would better depict the cause because, seriously these mislead views are sickening and offensive to anyone with cognitive capabilities.

Below are some of the sensible tweets from the bunch of the so called #MenAreTrash

Munashe Chakaonda

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