Zim Hip Hop Awards 2016: A Few Expectations

The glitz and glam season is back!  Bars have been spat, beats produced, apparel sold and stages blown but it’s now time to measure how successful the industry has been this year. From the epic fails to unexpected rises this event is the Judgement Day of every Zimbabwean rapper.  The 6th Zim Hip Hop Awards are here and this year’s event is running with the theme Breaking New Ground.

The Zim Hip Hop awards recognise the jewels’ in the Hip Hop industry their contributions towards the industry and their moments of brilliance. Two more categories have been added this year which are ‘Best Hip Hop Hustle’ and ‘Best Hip Hop Verse’.   The past year winners have been Cal Vin, T Gonz, Tehn Diamond, Stunner and others. Meaning most of the ‘big dogs’ of the industry have gained awards.
Considering it has been a good year for new rappers I would like to see the new artistes stealing the limelight because frankly speaking it would be sad to see the likes of Stunner bagging more awards with the type of content in his albums… Enough said!

My expectations aren’t too high, I just hope to see more awards given on merit and a much needed facelift. Come on now! But that’s the job of the panel and even though there hasn’t been word on who, I want in, LOL!

A little more drama at the event isn’t too much to ask for (not the violent kind of drama, the Briss Mbada type). If you recall last year Briss Mbada felt a little…short-changed when Cal Vin bagged the ‘Best Male Award’ and to prove his point he rushed to the stage to burst the Bulawayo based Rapper’s bubble. Security had to intervene and prevent any further ‘physical altercations’. Kanye much Briss?!

Rapper, Cal Vin at the 2015 Zim Hip Hop Awards Source:

Rapper, Cal Vin at the 2015 Zim Hip Hop Awards

Submissions for the 2016 edition of the awards started on the 15th of September and will be closing on the 25th October 2016. To be considered for a Nomination, the Artists’ Music should have received airplay or reviewed in the local media be it print or digital and it should have been released between 1 November 2015 and 25 October 2016. This year Artistes can visit and can submit material there.  Artists based in Harare can also submit their material at the new Hip Hop Classic Store at Kwame Mall.
Speaking of Stunner check out his performance at last year’s awards and let me know how it makes you feel.

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    The 2nd Best Perfomance of the evening in question,trailing of the duo of Tehn & Fizzo…

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