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#RapidReview: Our take on MUSE’s ‘I’m done’

#RapidReview: Our take on MUSE's 'I'm done'
Peter Chester better known as Muse is both a singer and rapper who was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. MUSE just released the single 'I'm done'.

Peter Chester better known as Muse is both a singer and rapper who was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. MUSE just released the single ‘I’m done’.

I’m done’ is a Hip Hop song with 90s R&B undertones. The writing style is a conversation between MUSE and his muse, the woman. Sadly, it’s a tough conversation. MUSE in the song gives up his woman after countless attempts of giving her his best. Simultaneously, he looks back on all they went through as a couple with hopes that some of her feelings might resurface. Seeing beyond her bad attitude, MUSE  wants to play the ‘good guy’ card just to have her around. As far as the lyrics go we are not quite sure how it all ends.

Muse has a calm & mellow Rap style.

While giving us ounces of his singing here and there. There is a fair balance of sound and vocals, even when he doubled or tripled his voice to emphasize particular points. The sincerity does appear in verse two, where there is a greater sense of purity in the conveyance of his message. The chorus feels rather bland mainly because MUSE doesn’t sound like he’s done, there wasn’t an emphasis.

I mean, if you were done with someone would you be casual about it?

Or you’d be decisive and extremely assertive?! It could have been casually aggressive at least. Actually, a song like this would’ve sounded a lot better with a singer on the chorus because it would have given the song more depth. On a different r note, MUSE has a way of taking us on a journey and staying focused on the story, mainly the verses.

Storytelling is definitely his strength.

The musicality of ‘I’m done’ is simple and straightforward. From the layering of the sound to the placement of the sampled vocals, there is a lot of clarity which is great but at the same time, it can become monotonous.  The sample had more variety, but it would have been nice to be surprised. The song has an R&B chord structure, giving it a sensual tone which is also dazzled with a bass guitar that harmonizes with MUSE’s message. It really has a nice rush before it gets to the chorus.  The drumline changes its pattern giving us this adrenaline rush forcing us to ‘’love or enjoy the moment’’. The song has an edge about it even though it’s dominantly emotional there are a few loopholes in the song that he took advantage of.

All-round, this song could have longer, it really feels like we were sold short because this is a really good song. A verse three or a Bridge which has a different pattern from verse 1 and verse 2 would’ve made a tremendous change This song has a traditional hip hop vibe which is relevant currently and this definitely works in his favour.

Out of 10, I would give him a 7.5

You can check out ‘I’m done’ below.

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