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Denim Woods Just Wants to get you Home Alone!

By Denzel Sibanda

Denim Woods is a young Zimbabwean Rapper who is bubbling on the surface of the mainstream. ‘Home Alone’ is a late-night song for the ladies especially those who love rap music and a bad boy rockstar.

It’s easy to see that Denim Wood’s Rap style is heavily influenced by commercial rappers like LL Cool J. What’s impressive about his delivery is the variation. How he manages to create melodies that embody the dominant instrument at that particular moment.

That is prolific.

With the perfect combination of seduction and swagger, Denim Woods is narrating the story giving us a deeper insight as to how this young lady makes him feel.

This song has elements of a late-night 90s R&B song also reminiscent of underground hip hop style. We are taken by surprise when we hear those heavy drums.

‘Home Alone’ gets you going, the energy is revitalizing.

Paying attention to the sound, it gives off a “Rockin’ after Midnight“  which resembles old Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross records. The piano has a very soulful throwback sound. The drum on the hand gave it skrrr-skrrr hood swag. The musical arrangement is decent, it doesn’t sound commercial. If anything It’s in its own lane. Denim’s writing style uses interesting metaphors.

A nigga sneezing like a Pikachu

That light sense of humour will amuse a few.  Another thing that makes this song good, is how he doesn’t go off-topic.   It’s a continuous flow like water, of course, diverging when he feels the need to express his point using analogies.

Denim has an urban new age which he shows off through the video. In his own creative way, he is promoting “Rich Boy Thug Life“. Which was disappointing because it didn’t align with the message. For starters, he is talking about a girl, but there are no girls in this music video. All we can see is a few guys. Which could mislead the audience to believe the song is about chilling with the boys instead. Even the plot didn’t have any connection to the core message. The listeners will probably ask why we had to see him at a garage. What does that have to do with the girl, how will that affect her?

If anything, though cool, the visuals are not as exciting as the song itself.

On a different note seeing a talented artist like Denim Woods being underrated in a few ways is unfortunate because his level of skill is impressive. This young man has charm and confidence. This is the future of the New Age of Hip Hop.

Out of 10, this song deserves an 8.

Check it out below.


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