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Add These Fire #UnderratedZim Tracks to Your Weekend Playlist

Let's Get it On, Netflix and Chill in the #TVRoom
From Hillzy to Musharuqua if you like the underrated Zimbabwean music often buried under overrated pop-music, this is for you.

1. Hillzy &Tashamiswa

Don’t Go

If you’re a big fan of smooth R&B/Hip Hop with elements of throwback 00s sounds this will be
great for you. Zimbabwean Artist Hillzy’s mellow yet catchy vocals accompanied by Tasha’s 90s/2000s flow, this would be our personal recommendation for a romantic weekend.

2. Union 5

No Savior

Young Zimbabwean Rapper Union 5 has a rough and simultaneously vulnerable style in his music. In this single, he takes us into this world headfirst. 

3. All I’m thinking about


‘All I’m thinking about’ is a smooth sexy late-night song to play if you’re trying ’to get lucky’. The underground Zimbabwean rapper, singer/songwriter, producer, actor and writer gives us this new and extremely catchy too single. From the somewhat dissonant harmonies to the beautiful piano, ‘All I’m thinking’ takes us on the journey of love and truth.

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