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40 Most WTF Moments of 2020: Part 4

From Moana’s human-sized cake, Seh Calaz’s Couch, Sandra Ndebele’s Surprisingly New Look, Sipho Ncube’s death, to Ammara saying she was not sorry after she denied her fans selfies, here is the part four of the 40 most WTF moments of 2020.

31. Moana’s Birthday Cake

For her 26th birthday celebration (which also happened to be her last sadly), socialite and fitness model Mitchell ‘Moana’ Amuli had a cake of a female body in black lingerie that set tongues wagging. Some called it fancy, whilst some chose to link it to her death.

“The birthday cake was in the form of a human body. What shocked me was that she (Moana) chose to eat the heart part of the cake. She told us that she was just interested in eating her heart. I questioned her about the meaning of this and she told me it was just for fun,” Moana’s sister Tatenda Gudza told the Daily News.

The Cake

32. Priscilla Kneels For Finance Minister Over Mere Budget Allocation

Call it whatever you want, indecorous or manners. Controvertible MP Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga had the public asking WTF after she knelt in parliament before Finance and Economic Development Minister Prof Mthuli Ncube to thank him for reserving funds to source for free sanitary wear to school going girls in his 2021 national budget. The veteran opposition legislator first sought permission to perform the unorthodox thank-you from deputy speaker Tsitsi Gezi and then proceeded to unroll a reed mat in front of Ncube before she knelt down and started showering praise on the minister. Misihairabwi-Mushonga, who was heckled by the fellow opposition legislators, said she was proud of Ncube, who, for the first time in almost two decades, reserved a vote for sanitary wear to school children. Watch the video.

33. Seh Calaz’s Couch

In August, Seh Calaz became a subject of social media jokes and memes following the release of information about his private life. The Zimdancehall chanter’s wife Moira Knight slammed her husband for not having a house like other artists as she claimed that he is a lodger in Harare. Moira also claimed that he had failed as a father, to take care of his family or to even buy toys for his son. She alleged that he had been abusing drugs and that he is an alcoholic. Perhaps the most damning of all was when she shared a worn-out sofa that she claimed was their property. The picture went batshit crazy trending.

The Sofa

34. Sandra’s Surprisingly New Look

From wherever she ghosted from, Sandra Ndebele literally brought Zimbabwean internet to a halt after she shared steamy photos of herself.

One of the pictures.

35. “Ginimbi Bought His Own Coffin While Still Alive”

In November, viral social media posts and articles claimed that businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, who died in a car crash, bought his own coffin adorned with a green guitar a week before his death. However, the claim was false as he was buried in a casket engraved with Versace’s Medusa logo.

The Coffin said to have been bought by Ginimbi a week before his death

36. Sypho’s Death

In March artist, dancer, video beau/model and cellphone dealer Sipho Ncube was callously murdered by a tweenaged trio that comprised of Masvingo High Court judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze’s son, Munyaradzi Junior “MJ” Mawadze, Elvin Dongo Saungweme and Dellon David Balani, all aged 22. The incident was greeted with a huge amount of commentary on social media, with many users on the micro-blogging site Twitter using the hashtag #JusticeForSypho to demand that justice be meted out.

Zimbabwe Demands #JusticeForSypho, A Slain Dancer & Cellphone Dealer

Dancer and Harare cellphone dealer Sipho Ncube/Twitter.

37. Ammara Said She Was Not Sorry After She Denied Her Fans Selfies

In May, the barefoot goddess Ammara Brown sparked a social media storm after a Twitter user @amawayne claimed that she was hurt when the songbird turned down her request for a selfie during the military-led march for the ouster of the late former President Robert Mugabe in November 2017. This was after socialite Yvonne Maphosa had asked her followers on Twitter if they had ever met a celebrity and how they felt. In response, Mukunda tweeted that she had met Jah Prayzah on two occasions and got selfies and had a similar experience with the late music superstar Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi and Suluman Chimbetu.

Turning to Ammara, she wrote:

“Oh, that one. Met her at Zim Grounds on that remove Mugabe march. Said hi Ammara, good to see you here. May I have a selfie please and she simply waved me away. Didn’t even say hi back just an, ibva pano hamba (get away from here) wave, next moment she was taking pics with slay queens. It hurt (sic).”

Those who supported Mukunda condemned Ammara for her perceived self-effacement, arrogance and rudeness after she refused to apologise. This was after Ammara had tweeted back:

“I denied 95% of selfies that day as there were thousands of people, and I had no security. I’m not sorry.”

38. Moana’s Parents Spat Over her Burial

It all played out before our eyes. Not for one day. Not for two, but for nearly two weeks. Moana’s parents Ishmael Amuli and Yolander Kuvaoga legally kicked and smacked each other on the pudendum and crotches in court over the burial site for their daughter. The father wanted a Muslim burial at Warren Hills while the mother wanted her daughter buried under Christian rituals at Zororo Memorial Park. The spat almost got so nasty up until Justice Pisirayi Kwenda granted the rights of Moana’s body and burial to her father.


39. Passion Java Accuses Chin’ono Of Being A “Paedophile”, Calls Him A Genital

Earlier this month, Passion Java accused prominent journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono of being a paedophile – someone who is sexually interested in children. Java spoke after Chin’ono had branded Zimbabwean youth “dumb” for following a “fake prophet Java” on social media platforms instead of following political activists who seek to transform their livelihoods.

Java also accused the documentary filmmaker of using other people’s names to gain political mileage and sponsorship from Non-Governmental Organisations. He even called him a “dick”. WTF, man of God?

40. Best Of Both Worlds Show cancelled.

For whatever reason(s), the Jah Prayzah and Winky D show dubbed “Best of Both Worlds” which was set for this month at Rainbow Towers in Harare has been cancelled. WTF happened, Kayse Connect?

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