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#RapidReview – Tiga Maine #MakeIt

#RapidReview - Tiga Maine #MakeIt
Kenneth Celimpilo better known by his stage name Tiga Maine is an upcoming South African rapper

Kenneth Celimpilo better known by his stage name Tiga Maine is an upcoming South African rapper. Before he spat a flow, Tiga Maine was an extra on Rhythm City. This should be a sign that he was destined to be an entertainer. Speaking of which, today we review his latest song ‘’Make it’’.

The chorus gives us an idea of how Tiga Maine managed to make money so that he could become a rapper; working from 9 to 5. A job he clearly did not enjoy based on how he expresses himself.

 “the only way to make it work I was told I won’t make it.”

This Hustlers Anthem which uses English and Vernacular gives this song an Afro- street style. Tiga also lists some of his achievements from being on TV and Radio as a means to remind his critics that he is moving forward.

Tiga Manes vocal style that a younger audience will call wavy. There is a lot of
aggression in his voice and he means business. On the other hand, Tiga Maine openly gives praise to God and expresses gratitude for his blessings.

There is a lot going on musically and the instrumentation is louder than Tiga Maine’s voice and at times sounds like he is at war the beat. Of course, it is a Hip Hop, and Trap new school song which engages one to embark on the fast life. Hearing it over and over again this beat really has this new age underground studio style. The aggression gives the song a strong masculine identity that the streets can identify with.

‘Make It’, sadly is not as original as it could have been. The topic and delivery are both generic and I do not think it will be remembered by the masses a few years after its release. If Tiga put a deeper and more vulnerable approach that would have made a difference.

Out of 10 sadly Tiga Maine, I would have to give you a 5.

You can listen to Tiga Maine and tell us what you think.

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