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Men Were Not “Designed” to Relax, Were They?

Men Were Not "Designed" to Relax
Do not tell women about women unless you are a woman yourself- that includes all women. We don’t want to hear it, sex, abortion, the ability to think for ourselves, nothing...just, please.

Men are embarrassing, that’s the real tea. How often do women tell men about themselves- that we know more about the male body and what it can and can not endure?

Despite having all the resources known to man at the palm of their hands, some men would rather remain ignorant than handle being wrong. Yet, women are the hysterical ones. If the thought, “not ALL men” happened to swirl around your head, guess what?News Flash Kendall Kyndall GIF - NewsFlash KendallKyndall MjJackson GIFs

You are a part of the problem.

Back in middle school, we’d occasionally have separated sex-ed or health classes. The boys would go into another room while we were taught about female anatomy, menstruation, and how to use condoms, using bananas, test tubes, or graduated cylinders.

Back then, it was awkward as hell but clearly, the consequences of segregation are far much greater than anticipated. Men know close to nothing about the female body or women in general. 

I mean the correct structure of the clitoris- internal and external- was known to man in 1998. Kudos to Helen O’Connell, an Australian urologist.

Matter of fact, not many people know that a clitoris has 8000 nerve endings. That’s twice as much as a penis. Don’t ignore it, okay? It may be small, but so is dynamite. 

But where am I getting all this aggression, really?

One male Twitter user tried to educate the masses about women and their bodies. 

He also goes on to discuss the effects of energy transference, but the ladies were not here for it.

There are way too many questions that need answering because quite frankly, no points were made save for one: men need to relax.

“Your body is your temple” and the concept of virginity- it’s a tired conversation. It’s 2020 and society is still shaming women for exploring and owning their sexuality and still praising men for being smooth operators.

It must be because sexual energy exchanges are a one-way street.Ne Ne Leakes Whatever GIF - NeNeLeakes Whatever Petty GIFs

Do men feel the energy transference? Do they too adopt the ideologies of the women ’sexing’ them on a regular basis? What about sex workers or rape victims or are we shaming them too?Antm Miss J GIF - Antm MissJ JayAlexander GIFs
Whether or not you believe the woman came from the rib of a man, it is not your place to tell women what to do with their bodies. Unless there were a time heist and people were able to go back to 1920- because there is no reasonable explanation as to why anyone would say anything this preposterous, unprovoked. Especially when they came with the intention to teach and not be taught.

The holier-than-thou act is also tired. Many people take their faith and spirituality seriously and to attempt to pollute the minds of educated women with their own morals and ideologies is the corniest thing a man in this patriarchal society could do. Cant Head Ache GIF - Cant HeadAche OverIt GIFs

It is possible to feel people’s vibrations, for instance, it’s why your friend can tell when your vibe is off through text. However, to bring spirituality into it when men- even when a term such as the ‘orgasm gap’ exists- aren’t well versed in sexing women in the first place is way out of pocket. 

Hypothetically, both parties would have to climax in order for that spiritual energy transaction to be successful. How often does that happen?Beyond Scared Straight Ms Foxy GIF - BeyondScaredStraight MsFoxy AtTheDoor GIFs

Women do not need men to develop their mindsets and be some guiding hand. Women need men to unlearn their primitive mindsets and get with the program. Do not tell women about women unless you are a woman yourself- that includes all women. We don’t want to hear it, sex, abortion, the ability to think for ourselves, nothing…just, please.

You’re not all that, just keep it in next time.Bye Annoyed GIF - Bye Annoyed Okay GIFs

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