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Too Bold Diamond Remix is A Dulcet Feel-Good Self-love Song & An Ode to the Aural Phenomenon that is Shingai’s Range

Too Bold Diamond Remix is A Dulcet Feel-Good Self-love Song & An Ode to the Aural Phenomenon that is Shingai's Range
Have you ever put on a song and it just shook you down to your core? With lyrics, the vocals, the melodies, the delivery, just made you think, “well damn…” Shingai delivers on all accounts.

Independent Zimbabwean-British singer, songwriter and musician Shingai Shoniwa is really leading the wave and pushing the boundaries musically, especially with the way she expresses her truth with her lyrics.

It’s been nearly a day since the ever-elusive songbird blessed us all with her newest release “Too Bold” (Diamond Remix), an offering that unifies many talents such as Nova Twins, Jelly Cleaver, Tawiah, Celisse Henderson, Ala.ni, M.V.M & Megan Coleman.

Filmed by multi-award-winning director Sheila Nortley (Ghana-UK) in Crystal Palace Park(south London), the music video is starring Dj Lara Fraser, Big Joannie, Beverly Hishmael, Izzy (Black Honey), Harriet Doveton, Nadia Javed, Fay Milton and more other exciting cameos.

As seen in Too Bold Video

In the video, the ‘The Noisettes’ breakout star is so mesmerising and effortlessly cool in her performances. A dulcet feel-good self-love song, Shingai inspiringly addresses the damaging pressures of fame on artists of colour, many of whom are still being exploited from beyond the grave. There are lyrical and visual odes to Whitney Houston, a lifelong favourite of hers.

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Packed to the brim with versatility, charisma, lyricism and artistry, Shingai demands her obvious worth and encourages persisting no matter what.

Staying true to her elegant and dazzling aural phenomenon, she flows through a selection of looks from the Nubian goddess, diva to rock n roller, channelling her unique flair for fashion and ability to be unapologetically herself.

More than just a music video ‘Too Bold’ is a testament to pivotal elements of the past, much of which is still unspoken, to the legacies we decide to create from this and our inherent magic. They encapsulate this in one of the last few frames of the video.

The video couldn’t have come at a better time as we continue to celebrate women’s month, March. It’s extremely rare to see so many female artists from different genres/scenes in one video, but in this ground-breaking piece, Sheila Nortley and Shingai lead the charge, creating the future we deserve to see on screen. Boldly stating that regardless of gender, age, heritage or style, we are here to stay, it’s a triumphant celebration of sisterhood.

This confident show of solidarity makes Shingai on the ‘Too Bold’ campaign, and within her previous work, a force to be reckoned with.

The phenomenal Shingai

In a statement to the press, Shingai’s camp said fans should expect to also see Shingai moving forward with a ‘Too Bold’ campaign that will see her interacting with different strong Zimbabwean women in the industry on various social media platforms.

In addition, Shingai will also spend most of her year in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa promoting her album and interacting while collaborating and partnering with African brands and artists.

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A former member of a certified platinum band, The Noisettes, Shingai has steeped to the top releasing a host of amazing tunes in her distinct and uniques sound. Her stellar discography includes outstanding bops such as ‘Coming Home’, ‘Tsitsi’ – which brings out her Bantu and Zimbabwean heritage – and ‘We Roll’ which is doing very well on charts and YouTube too.

Too Bold Diamond Remix is streaming on YouTube.

ImChris Charamba

Head Storyteller/Critic at Large in Culture at Enthuse Afrika

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