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Quarantune Video: Bryan K Agonises Over Indefinite Love in ‘’Where Are You Now’’

Bryan K Agonises Over Indefinite Love in New Quarantune Video ‘’Where Are You Now’’
Watching a down-and-out Bryan swiftly descends into the depths of a hopeless romantic over love betrayal brings about a great level of sympathy towards the singer.

Bryan K is a great singer who has been mesmerizing the masses since 2012, and he is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Today we take a look at his new song and video, ‘’Where Are You Now’’.

The new song is described as a quarantine video and is has a mixed bag of sounds, picking its pins from mid 10s Afro-pop, timeless Afro-soul, vocally diving into late 90s R&B and paying homage to traditional sounds from the roots of Africa. Giving the audience a glance into the most private parts of his love life, Bryan pours out his heart because the love of his life is being held hostage by the worldwide quarantine put in by the powers that be as a measure to contain the coronavirus. To Bryan, her missing out is an act of betrayal because she promised she would always be there for him, anywhere he goes.

Starting with a bang, Bryan sings with emphasis as he questions his lover’s behaviour. Allowing the guitar to serenade us straight after the chorus as he comes in briefly using a sincere yet powerful tone. Vocally his voice does show off some range, using various dynamics (soft, loud) to create a particular mood. There are beautiful harmonies that have been placed on the second verse which are layered in such an artistic manner and the build-up compliments the essence of the chorus.

Throughout the song Bryan is singing in his midrange using a calm and easy tone but as the song finishes his voice has more depth which in turn builds a great level of anticipation for the listener’s ears. His emotional connection to the music is evident throughout the song. Listening to the words and watching a down-and-out Bryan swiftly descends into the depths of a hopeless romantic brings about a great level of sympathy towards the singer as he nurses a heartache.

For a sombre and emotionally-laden song with a good accompaniment and vocal investment, one would have anticipated that the singer would express more beyond the riffs and runs. A bit more story, a bit more words. Albeit the listeners are served with only a spatula of that, and would probably feel unfulfilled.

Lucky for the young virtuoso, the gap where words ebbs is contingently counterbalanced by melodic riffs bouncing about and the lovely piano sounds, which ultimately makes the song as extremely intimate as possible and give it a sensual texture.

Enough of me going on and on. Listen to the song & watch the video below. 

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