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New Music: St Emmo – Midnight (Featuring Nutty O)

St Emmo sings about his heartbreak because of this woman selling her soul for a plastic life.

Zimbabwean Dj, Producer and music philanthropist St Emmo has roped in dancehall maverick Nutty O for his latest release, Midnight out last Friday.

The song consists of a fusion of indie, dancehall and a tropical house as St Emmo flexed his various elements in the studio. He does back to backs with Nutty O going out of his element as just a Dj and producer showing his lyrical prowess.

Nutty O comes with a dancehall vibe, which is his stronghold as he speaks of a woman that has many guys being attracted to her. He talks about her having many options because she can, after all, she looks ravishing.

The song talks about the woman having angelic eyes that literally sucks people in (Hollowing the souls of men who are left helpless by the way the woman look so attractive) hence the track art is that of a superwoman closely looking like a mermaid.

On the hook, St Emmo sings about his heartbreak because of this woman selling her soul for a plastic life.

Midnight being the title comes in because most of these things happen in the dark. Rich in instruments, the song is definitely a hit that will transform the indie scene in Zimbabwe in turn showing how different an artist St Emmo is. Imagine how mindblowing the studio session was.

St Emmo, real name Emmerson T. Mnangagwa, is a Zimbabwean professional Dj, Producer and music philanthropist whose career began in Cape Town South Africa and has grown as a force in contemporary music in Zimbabwe. He is also the founder of an entertainment company and band (The Movement) which is known for hosting exclusive music experiences and events in Zimbabwe.

To date, St Emmo has worked on various projects including an album named Abstracica and his recent project with heartwarming and uplifting visuals titled RAIN. He has also worked with various artist in the Zimbabwean music scene such as Sylent Nqo, Hope Masike, Colleta, Stan C, Vee Mukarati to mention a few. His aim in the industry is to revolutionise the music scene through building sustainable music institutions and equipping the young and upcoming with a dream to grow in music as he did.

Midnight is available here. 

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