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Mawu Veins Changing the Face of Gospel Music

  Mawu Veins aka Malvin  Masundire  ,is a musician, fashion designer and a stylist from Harare, Zimbabwe. This Business Administration graduate is going to set the music scene on fire. He is a powerful vocalist with rich vocalist and he […]


Mawu Veins aka Malvin  Masundire  ,is a musician, fashion designer and a stylist from Harare, Zimbabwe. This Business Administration graduate is going to set the music scene on fire. He is a powerful vocalist with rich vocalist and he just dropped a game changing album on the 1st of November titled Aneni: God With Me.

Malvin started perfecting his craft at an early age. Sources close to him who watched him growing up says that he was always vocal and outstanding in church and school choirs. At secondary he became a leader of Mabvuku High Choir and subsequently he rose to the position of the President of school Scripture Union club .During that time that’s when he was  recognised by several renowned gospel artists , the likes of Tembalami, Kudzai Nyakudya and Zim Praise, who cosigned him as a backing vocalist. Because of his superb vocal ability  and leadership skills, he became one of the founders of the well acclaimed 1000 Voices through auditions , an initiation of Marble Madondo.

Given his several years of working as a backing vocalist for notable musicians, Mawu Veins began his solo career. In an podcast interview with Prosper The Comic Pastor ,the dazzling vocalist has this to say, “When I was working with my other fellow gospel artists, I have always had my different kinda art. So , I thought of expressing it in my own music, hence went solo.” In late 2015 Mawu Veins released his debut album titled Thanks & Praises, which he describes as his first experimental. The album, albeit, was met with average acclaim because most of the instrumentals he used were reggae/ragga .That did not settle well with most of his fans who wanted the traditional gospel sound. However, the package was not less of an offer from the far above average vocalist.

Earlier this year Mawu Veins worked with Ngoma Huru collective musical group in crafting their debut compilation album titled Urban Grooves Rebirth Vol1. He was featured on two joints ,Jenaguru and Listen, which were met with positive reactions. Mawu Veins is known for fusing a number of styles in his music. Most notably is his employment of Shona ,English and Ndebele interchangeably, which is one of his powerful facet ubiquitous in his music. As far as sound is concerned, the crooner is so versatile as he can sing on any genre , whether jazz, rhumba, RnB , blues, afrobeats or reggae. As an African he believes in making use of our proudly African instruments such as xylophone (marimba), drums and mbira. In  August 2015 Mawu Veins did an advertisement song for Food World chain supermarkets, which they still use to date. As part of Ngoma Huru , he together with other members did a commercial advertising song for Col Claire Furnitures.

After working with his frequent collaborators as Ngoma Huru , Mawu Veins quickly rushed back into the laboratory (studio) to horn his craft. On his twenty-fourth birthday celebration party in August he revealed to the revellers that his follow up album was 80%. Recorded with Rasclass Studios, the album will feature eight tracks with different musical tastes, varying from afrobeats, jazz ,traditional African gospel, RnB and rhumba. According to him, the album will see guest features from Prosper Raphael (on Aneni), Tinashe (Unamate), Marvelous Mahlupeka and Precious Musa as vocalists Through his band manager Norbert Mzavazi, Mawu Veins said that the offing album is mnemonic to Zimbabwe. “We all know well that we are going through socioeconomic hardships as a country. So Aneni: God With Me the album will help to remind.

Shingirira is an uplifting motivational track that he recently released. Loosely translated to struggle or strive, the powerful vocals on this number combined by well thought and touching lyrics bring you down to earth and soothes the soul. This is a track that can lift a crushed person and give him/her strength to fight harder. Shingirirai is a  guaranteed entry on the charts (That’s if the radio guys have had a paradigm shift or behavior) I would very much like a collaboration of Mawu Veins and Prophecy, that production they might produce will send me straight to the church in a jiffy.

Kirkpatrick Chidamba


Listen to Mawu Vein’s Shingirira below and tell us what you think!






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