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A Pride With A Vibe: Check Out This Black and Queer Playlist

From Deekaydidit's mighty raps, Ms Afrikka's ensnaring acoustic, to Ms Party's fiery amapiano, it's a list that traverses genres as diverse as the spectrum of queer realities and experiences.

The beauty of music is that it has no gender or sexual preference. Its magic transcends everything, prejudices notwithstanding. Although many LGBTQ+ people in many African communities continue to face daily harassment, anti-LGBT legislation, and societal erasure for being who they are, there are myriad queer artists who are bravely proving that they won’t be silenced.

In celebration of the pride month, #enthuse have compiled – with help from MambaOnline and Mx Blouse for OkayAfrica – a playlist of some of the hottest artists who have shown us what it really means to be black, queer and proud. This playlist showcases uncompromising musical excellence on the part of Southern African artists who just happen to be queer. From Deekaydidit’s mighty raps, Ms Afrikka’s ensnaring acoustic, to Ms Party’s fiery amapiano, it’s a list that traverses genres as diverse as the spectrum of queer realities and experiences.

Mx Blouse – We Can Fall in Love

Roho- Six 

Ms Party x Lady Du x Josiah De Disciple – Kings X Queens

Stewie Le Savage – Umthombo Wothando Feat. Base Wasilewski

Makhosi Lwazi – He Loves Him (Feat. Nomvula Munnie)

Ms Afrikka – Still A Woman/Mary had a little lamb/We are the World

Toya Delazy – Resurrection

Latheem – At First Sight

Armand Joubert – Better for Me

Armand Joubert & Yahto Kraft – Cry

Stream Cry here.

DeekayDidIt – Somebody

Eat My Ass – Gyre

ImChris Charamba

Head Storyteller/Critic at Large in Culture at Enthuse Afrika

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