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Sally’s Kid

Sally's Kid
By Simbarashe Mashambanaka

I feel like Sally’s kid…

Aunt Gracy made me sleep under the sink
And that was on a good day I think
I don’t know anymore. What was good or bad had the same taste
Looked the same as I passed it as waste
So Aunty Grace left with my trust in the priestesses from the House Of Stone
This new auntie should leave me alone
Parading me around maybe to make herself feel better
So why am I tied to the chamber with fetters?

I guess I have issues. I shudder when I think about potential love mates
Claiming innocence yet want the experienced plate
Build where there’s already a foundation
Thus they only respect when there’s a standing ovation
They want the food but hate the cooking
Claim ownership by merely looking
They want shinies. Sparkles and glitters. Even serious substance is not valid
Damn!!!…Feel Like Sally’s Kid

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