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#PoetryWednesday: The Day That Ends With Us Meeting

#PoetryWednesday with Nhamo Muchagumisa

A Golden sea splashed
Against the evening sky
Rising high above the Western Horizon
End of day looking like a perfect beginning
Yet I will look not at how my day began
No, because you were not there
I will focus on the end
That stares sweetly at me
Because it is the beginning
The sighs and whispers
Of what at this moment ends
Sing the beginning for you and I.
The blossoms that from my eye
The fresh morrow held back
Dance on your smiling face.
The force that takes the sun away
From every day that ends
Brings back the sun to me.
Meeting you at sunset
Let everything that ends
Give way to what we desire,
To be there for each other
When the winter settles
With a dreary bleakness
And its melancholic flavour,
When the summer returns
With the magic of rejuvenation,
Abundant freshens and fertility,
When the weather rages with storms
That fan the high winds
For planted in each other
We stand robust against
Every mighty force.

A poem by Nhamo Muchagumisa. He’s a poet and an acclaimed essayist.

Photo by Nelson Santos Jr on Unsplash

Nhamo Muchagumisa

Nhamo Muchagumisa is a poet and an acclaimed essayist. He has been published in the Parade, Trends, Writers Scroll, The Sunday Mail, The Sunday News, The Manica Post, #enthuse and Digital Sunday Express.

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