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#ZimbabweansMustFall & the Hypocrisy Down South

#ZimbabweansMustFall & the Hypocrisy Down South
#ZimbabweansMustFall? The level of xenophobia and Afrophobia is astronomical!

If there was ever a time for Pan-Africanism to take effect, it would be now- and yet Africa has taken about five steps in the wrong direction. Black lives matter we say, then South Africans go ahead and get #ZimbabweansMustFall trending as if the country is not down enough. 

The level of hypocrisy is nothing short of old fashioned phoniness. Did someone announce that #BLM was selective? Who decided which Black lives matter and which don’t? Confused The Office GIF - Confused TheOffice MichaelScott GIFs

The level of xenophobia and Afrophobia is astronomical! There is no good reason to treat other human beings this way whilst chanting Black Lives Matter and No Justice No Peace.

Whats Was The Reason GIF - WhatsWasTheReason GIFs

This twitter user wasn’t impressed and neither was I. 

In 2019, Russian President Putin allegedly said: 

Africa will never be independent… Africans believe in Europeans, Americans, and Chinese more than themselves. 

The statement was proven to be false, but whoever did say it was spittin fax. Our continent has everything the white man wants, in terms of natural resources. Africa has more riches than the temporary monetary wealth offered in exchange for our resources. 

If a conversation about looting and violent crimes must be had, then let’s discuss what colonialism did to us, it’s long-lasting negative impact and how it’s still in effect to this day. 

But instead of discussing emancipation, ways to better ourselves collectively…this what y’all would rather do:

1. Burn ’em all you said

South African burning tires in protests that led to xenophobic violence

Photo: AFP

2. Throwing bricks?

20 shops belonging to immigrants looted in South Africa | The ...

Photo: Mujahid Safodien/AFP/Getty Images

3. Casually dehumanizing people?

Xenophobic violence in the 'Rainbow' nation

Photo: Aljazeera

4. Taking being inhumane to another, unfathomable level:

Officials dismissed reports that the ongoing attacks were xenophobic.

Photo: Busiweek

The sad part is, some images are quite old and yet speak volumes to the treatment of foreign nationals in South Africa.

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On that note, I’ll see myself out.

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