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Does the Shoe Fit?

Finding the perfect shoe that fits doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey that begins with one step and this journey isn’t for the faint-hearted.

The shoe looks good right, perfect colour, perfect design, everything is perfect. The problem is, it doesn’t fit.

Is there any harm in compromising and forcing my foot into this shoe? Some believe there is no pain without pleasure which is true, but what is being put on the line and is it worth it?

There are so many questions we have, but due to being overwhelmed by the pressures of this world, we prioritize certain situations and people that bring us more harm than good.

Firstly, we are social beings, so validation from our environment and our loved ones is vital. But there is a fine line between living a lie and doing or saying certain things to create peace or to feel a certain sense of security. No one wants to be alone, no-one wants to feel isolated or even get rejected by people better yet the people you love the most.

On a deeper level, we create coping mechanisms to deal with these situations and people, in turn; we normalize being unhappy, being victims in life, seeing powerlessness as a weakness when really once we hit rock bottom instead of resisting that reality we should start sinking deep into the emotions we feel. Because only through hearing that voice and abiding by it will we find the shoe that truly fits us in our personal and professional life.

Another aspect that hinders us is the noise of the world. Competition has been normalized, and that has led people to fight for the prize, but until people realize that they are the prize and that competition (and comparison) is nothing but an illusion that pushes us away from gratitude, joy and peace. If anything, that could possibly be the root cause of all tension, complications, and dissatisfaction.

Let’s take a look at how industries generally operate. When a trend has begun, various businesses start to change because they don’t want to be rejected by the mass market but can you really blame someone for trying to keep it together? Not always, but it is important to remember that the Universe will never leave us alone our reflections are out there. All we need to do is present what we truly resonate with into this world (which is great, but one needs thick skin ).

On the brighter side, this journey will open your eyes to see through people. Seeing things for what they are and listening to your intuition will also give you clarity because what generally happens is that we tend to justify certain habits even when it’s hurting us. “It is still okay, this is who they are, Maybe they’ll change“, (Oh, and this is probably the most common one people use in such situations) ”Let me give them another chance“.

Not only is this unhealthy for you on an emotional level, but this on a subconscious level harbours resentment and anger which at some point will appear in a not so user-friendly manner. The best thing you can do is let go not by disregarding the beautiful memories but by accepting the present moment by accepting that there is no common union between you and whoever or whatever you are dealing with.

Finding the perfect shoe that fits doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey that begins with one step and this journey isn’t for the faint-hearted. Once you can overcome what is standing in between you and your peace, the magic will finally show you the fantasy world we dream about.

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