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My Type, SoulDeep’s Ultimate Shove Off Anthem

SoulDeep pours her heart and soul into the song and is definitely worth your time to check out.

SoulDeep is most definitely a worthy name you need to familiarize yourself with before her career fully explodes.

The blossoming and yet criminally underrated undisputed princess of all things neo-soul, trap, and house has been blessing our undeserving ears with blissful vocals and soaring harmonies for quite some time it is only right that we celebrate her. Born under the name Rutendo Magwenzi, the singer-songwriter eventually adopted the name SoulDeep signifying her inner self and eclectic sounds that encompass versatility and tenacity.

Perceptible influenced by R&B, ’90s soul, and ’00s hip-hop, her rejuvenating sound — which she describes as soulful, full of life, sometimes fiery and energetic, but always powerful and either moves your body or your heart — is generously paired with her idiosyncratic personality. The mushrooming first lady of neo-soul believes in embracing purity and authenticity in not just her music, but all aspects of life. She even calls herself a “God girl”.

This January, she returns with the brand-new single called “My Type”, in which she tells some guy she wants “cos he looks good but is not sure if he can do good” to stay away from her type, whatever that is.

“You live in my mind, rent-free/I’m paying the price(?), you got me/ rubbing me blind, but I can see/Stuck on what I want but I know just what I need,” she croons.

The ultimate shove off anthem was produced by half Zimbabwean/half Nigerian and Russian-born producer VI The Law who helped create a soothing and sexy backdrop to lyrics that describe an “I don’t give a shit, just cut him loose” attitude at the same time yearning for a lover she can’t let go because, well, her body is telling her “no!”. See what I did right there?

SoulDeep pours her heart and soul into the song and is definitely worth your time to check out.

ImChris Charamba

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