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Poetry : Corrupted Hope

Poetry : Corrupted Hope
For I had enough. Rising up and again I struggle and cope. No one has ever admitted this truth of Corrupted Hope

Like a Christian apocalypse. She never came
A seductive illusion of smoke from a passionate flame
If I wait, it feels like I’m waiting in vain
Feelings drowning my mind from the truth of this pain
Intoxicated with dreams of being entangled in her arms
Yet I do myself a great disservice. So much harm
Even if I delete her within parts of the program stays
For there’s nothing I can do or say

Reach for sweetness but it’s bitterness I get
I get it. A tragedy that ends in anguish and regrets
But why regrets when I’ve done my best
Yet that best does not pass her test
Eternally an outsider looking in
My union with her. Treated worse than sin
Aching still the same as I am older and more wise
Every heartbreak moment I renew my demise

So I close myself in my sarcophagus
My heart oozing out pus like a runaway bus
More than blood as I bleed it out
Doubt the difference. In the next episode. Is this what I’m about?
Father of the broken-hearted? Is there an objection?
King of sorrow? The God Of Rejection?
The patron saint of loneliness and solitude
Who can ever cross this great divide and come to my side?

So should I cut love’s tree?
Pour poison and pesticides onto the roots from every degree?
Throw salt onto the land to make it barren
Be a creature in the dark. Feasting on the innocent in my den
Now waiting for my next prey
I am my own species. Not part of them and they
For I had enough. Rising up and again I struggle and cope
No one has ever admitted this truth of Corrupted Hope

Simbarashe Mashambanaka

Simba started in 2001 writing rap lyrics and in 2010 started writing scripts and poetry. In 2014 wrote and directed a short film called The One Night Stand with Invision. Continued writing with a collection of poems called The Thirteen in 2018 which are yet to be published. Have been writing comedy scripts for Edgar Langeveldt since 2012. Currently writing movie scripts, rap lyrics and poetry while working for the family business.

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