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I Had ­čŽáCorona Virus But I Didn’t Even Know

I Had ­čŽáCorona Virus But I Didn't Even Know
Vlogger OsKaRR shares his experience in Botswana.

So I started this vlog thinking it was going to be for my trip to Botswana but then it ended up being my account of when I had tested positive, the self-isolation measures I took, the medication, how I felt and the whole experience up until the end.

I apologise for it being longer than most of my vlogs but I just wanted to have everything in there and not miss any detail that someone might want to know about.

I am not a health expert; I simply did this to show my experience and IÔÇÖm not in any way advising anyone else to take the medication that I took. If you do end up in the same predicament, please contact your general practitioner.

Check out my vlog below:

By OsKaRR Worldwide

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