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The Mystery of the Zimbabwean November Curse, According to Elliestrator

In her latest video, the siren YouTubian Elliestrator is talking about the mystery of the Zimbabwean November curse. Picture Courtesy of Elliestrator/Facebook

If you Zimbabwean, culturally-disposed or superstitious, you might have heard (or made to believe) that the month November is largely sacred and associated with loads of all those dark myths, beliefs and conceptions to the extent that some occasions, such as weddings and some African traditional ceremonies such as paying lobola, are withheld until this month passes.

Known in traditional Zimbabwean Shona custom as Mwedzi Wembudzi, literally, the month of the goat or Mwedzi weBenzi (month of the fool), folks who believe in its sacrosanctness holds that any contravention of the custom is a taboo. Actually, it is deemed as an abomination which could bring bad fortune (deaths, accidents etc) to the land and its people.

Should there be a violation, it is made good only by penance. News-savvy comrades remembers that in 2012, the late MDC leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was found culpable by Chief Negomo, Lucious Chitsinde, of breaking customary laws that prohibit families from performing marriage rites in the “sacred” month of November. His marriage with Leocadia Karimatsenga did not last and those who maintain this traditional custom think that the break up was due to the fact that Tsvangirai had broken customary codes.

The point? It is a custom the locals takes seriously. While there is unquestionably no scientific evidence to show that the month of November differs from other calendar months, traditionally inclined folks still believe in its inviolability, although others have taken a modern stance and discarded the ways of the land, looking the other way. For them, it is just another month and anything goes.

Yet, bad things still occur in November, either by sheer coincidence or natural synchronism. Likewise, great things happen also. Thereupon, it begs whether the November curse is real or merely imagined.

Leave the arduous task of interpreting to Zimbabwean Youtuber and vlogger Elliestrator, who we all know and revere for making explainer videos about all things weird and exciting. From talking about outré money rituals, her erotic blog stories and teaching people how to use Hermimorphite and Milky Quartz Crystals and guiding them to their darker halves, her content will just make you wonder or question if half the things you know are true or fallacy.

In her latest video, the siren YouTubian and self-proclaimed “plug to free esoteric information that unlocks a healthy mind, spirit, and body” is talking about the mystery of the Zimbabwean November curse and it’s a worthy watch for various reasons, whether you conform or not.

Check out the video below.

ImChris Charamba

Head Storyteller/Critic at Large in Culture at Enthuse Afrika

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