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People Reacts To Petina Gappah’s Revelation That She’d Love to Marry Rapper Tupac Shakur

An unlikely couple? Shut up!!

To all appearances, someone who clearly missed or dismally flunked the “mind your damn business” module in kindergarten has been shouting catcalls at NAACP Image Award’ nominated Zimbabwean author and international trade lawyer Petina Gappah on why she never married.

Today, Gappah, mother to Kushinga(17), ultimately gave in to the hecklings and took to social media to red-pencil her reasons.

Posting on her official Twitter account a picture of the charismatic, talented, and doomed American rapper and actor Tupac Amaru Shakur, the writer who recently joined the Secretariat of the recently established African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) write:

“Someone asked me recently why I never married. It’s simple. The only man I could have married died before we could meet. I am the widow Tupac Shakur never married. We were born 6 hours apart, in June 1971. If Heaven is real, we shall meet. And we will decolonize Heaven!”

For me, being a fan of the culture like that, there’s no denying that Pac and Pet would have had chemistry if they had met. I could have love to do a thinkpiece or pieces on why I think the two would have been the perfect couple the culture needed.

But that will probably be one man’s POV, and reading from the responses the tweet got, it appears a lot of people sees it differently.

Here are some of the responses. We have maintained the comments in their original language to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

“🤣🤣🤣🤣 decolonise Heaven!” @RaisedonB

“Wait until you are the 55 years old feminist then reminisce your life thereafter. The fear of loneliness should become the beginning of your knowledge..but of course activists despise wisdom and instruction.” @ChiwaraMambo

“Dear just get married ..something’s are natural and don’t need controversy” @zimleague

“Not too late though Petina. You still have a lot of love to give” @Malenza6

“I’m not sure Tupac would have loved this, I think your own Tupac is still there somewhere in Zimbabwe. Go back and lay your claim.” @ChipoEuphoria

“”Imba inorema” /(Marriage is a heavy burden) …. some #Zimbabwean women say .. probably explains it for you!” @muzadzi_moyo

“Saka ndogona kukugarai nhaka kaapa maiguru coz Pac was the big brother I never had.” @MachonaTawanda

“Hauroreke simple!” @263Blessed

“Qn: Those pple who don’t get married. How do they satisfy their sexual desires except forming relationships with married people. Where would a 40, 50 yr old lady for e.g. get a single guy to love. Or they do ben 10s.” @ngozho

“Heaven is real its not an assumption. God created you, heaven and earth. Unfortunately your dream husband didn’t live a life qualifying of it and I’m sure if you don’t change your atheist views you will meet him in hell. Just plain truth.” @Tindolite

“I always had you down as “Amai Marechera” …if you know what I mean :))” @Zichivhu

“Pamwe mamhepo edzinza,imboona makandiwa kana magaya they help” @Manhambara1

“You are a cool lady only what you need to do is to stay away of these debates they wont “take you anywhere” You are lucky to live in the age of online presence. Someone is eying you but is not sure if you wud be willing to meet him half way.” @bhutsumutandar
ImChris Charamba

Head Storyteller/Critic at Large in Culture at Enthuse Afrika

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