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Kae Chaps Offers the Other End of the Relationship Spectrum in the Unapologetic #Juzi

Kae Chaps Offers the Other End of the Relationship Spectrum in the Unapologetic #Juzi
With his brand new single, “Juzi,” Kae Chaps has gifted us with the break-up anthem we didn’t know we needed.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single and ready to mingle, nobody can resist singing their heart out to a good breakup song. Luckily, we have artists such AS Kae Chaps who can satisfactorily convey how we feel about our lovers, be they current, former, or abstract.

In his latest and trending single Juzi which dropped this week, the “Kilimanjaro” rhyme smith offers the other end of the relationship continuum. Laced with many captions-worthy punchlines, he is telling his former boo to pick up her “jersey” in addition to all the other things and feelings she left in his apartment and heart.

We don’t know who exactly Kae dedicated this song to, but we can all relate to the feeling of leaving some extra baggage behind us.

Produced by Dj Futronic of Y-Not Media, the mid-tempo bop is underscored by the rapper’s unparalleled raspy, battleship-sturdy, and emotionally devastating vocals, and blunt lyrics.

“Dzoka utore juzi rako rawakakanganwa, ndikaritarira ndoshaya rugare, utore nhumbi dzako dzawakasiya mumba mangu iwe, ndikadzitarira ndoshaya rugare,” he sings.

Now let’s talk Kae: How dare you sang your face off like this?!

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This song should come with a warning label because it is fire from start to finish. From the production to the writing to the vocals, Kae is at his best. This dude ain’t RnB or soulful like that, but I can tell you that it’s only a few rap artists who can ooze soul that intricate while being able to enunciate a viewpoint that feels deeply personal yet surprisingly relatable.

Check out the studio-shot version of “Juzi” by Kae Chaps below.

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