#RapidReview: Bryan K Takes it Easy with New Afrobeat Single #PolePole

Bryan K has been having a good run this year; releasing a number of well-embraced singles including a collaboration with DJ Stavo, to top it off he even has a clothing deal with Edgars.

Good on him.

We have come to the conclusion that when a new Bryan K single comes about, we will more likely than less be positively surprised. The musician has never been one afraid of diving into new genre transitions and he, Bryan K released a new single this week titled Pole Pole.

Pole Pole is Zimbabwean vernacular for ‘nice and slow’ or ‘take it easy‘. If you guessed right, as the translation insinuates, Zimbabwean Afro-Artist Bryan K serenades a dancing temptress in the song.

A slow version of ‘shake it don’t break it‘; Bryan K is in no hurry to show off his vocals in this one. His tone is (bearably) flat, something that could disappoint fans of his impressive prowess. All the same, he lets the beat and simple yet alluring lyrics do the work.

Well, as a self-produced single, one cannot fault him for exercising his creative licence. It is a bit hard to tell whether the song is rooted in Kudoro or purely Afrobeat. In a chat with #ENTHUSE Bryan K explained rather mysteriously; 

“the song is inspired by Africa”

One thing is for certain, Pole pole is a sexy song and it will awaken the closeted video vixen embedded in any red-blooded female courtesy of its 3-minute-long spell. 

Pole pole is a single from Bryan K’s upcoming second album due in October.  Have a listen and share your thoughts, is this your type of nice and easy?


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