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#RapidReview Remember – 2 Yung ft Zeus


Oh man, oh man! Zimbabwean music keeps getting nicer by the day or should I say, the younger artists surely know which chords to strike when it comes to appeasing their target market. This relatively new rapper crashed the scene with a banger in the form of Ammara Brown, a dedicatory song in the lines of Emtee‘s Pearl Thusi but sounding better!

2 Yung is his name and I’m sure he is not that young considering the content of his lyrics and the creative direction he follows on every track. Spitting woke bars over trap beats proudly supplied to him by the vibrant trap movement in Bulawayo which has birthed artist like ASAPH, TMak e Fortune Teller, DLG and many more, this kid right here is the future. High light those words and ask Lady K for confirmations!

Straight after garnering the Breakout Star of The Year Award at the Skyz Metro Awards, the brother dropped a fresh tune in which he heralds his journey and announces that he has a stake in the game.

This young has a very trappy voice (if there is anything like that lol) which sounds like a fusion of  Bryson Tiller and Nasty C. In the new offering titled Remember, 2 Yung reminisces his school days when his schoolmates mocked him for being a nerd and a bookworm. His flow is nice as always but the hook lacks the life that his past singles have. This could be because he roped in Zeus who did not bring that punch. It’s real talk track for Chaminukasakes! Put some heart into your singing.

All those other flaws aside, this young king is the one for the future. The ‘leaders’ of the new school better make space for this talent!


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