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Donel Mangena, The Rise Of A Zimbabwean Superstar


2018 is already proving to be a good year for any young Zimbabwean who has raw talent. This year is not going to belong to those who hog the spotlight and steal opportunities despite having no passion and talent in the fields they claim to be good in.

Saturday night introduced Zimbabwe and the world to a talent so far away from home but its heart still connects with the motherland. The spark of genius is 16 year old Donel Mangena who most probably smashed all the other contestants at The Voice UK Blind Auditions.

Donel did a jaw-dropping rendition of Major Lazer and Justin Bieber’s Cold Water wowed the judges so much that Jennifer Hudson and Olly Murs had to ‘fight’ for him. His grandmother’s antics on during and after his performance became that cool icing on a truly superb performance.

‘There is awesome. There is Amazing. And then, there is Donel!’ –  Will.I.Am

This young man’s vocals, specially nurtured by his father who created a garage studio in Southampton, brought a refreshing look at what we would want Zimbabwean music to sound like. A positive drawn from this young man’s musical journey is the support he has from his family. His father has been his producer from the optics presented to us and his grandmother should be named the hypeman of the year.

Now then Zimbabwe, this young man has the whole world at his feet and a legendary musician, Will.I.Am on his side. Let’s not allow his star to start fading slowly such as in the case of another The Voice contestant, Brian Nhira. This young man has a unique opportunity to stand out and achieve his dream of touring the world. At least he might the only superstar who is in touch and truly loves his roots (laughs in Tinashe).

We are with Donel all the way and we hope you are too! Check out some musical gold we found on his YouTube channel. Listen and appreciate people!



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