A Peek-A-Boo At Africa's First Nude Photography Festival
Djamile Mama Gao

A Peek-A-Boo At Africa’s First Nude Photography Festival

Getting Naked For Arts Sake

Africa is set to drop its cultural traits of chastity as it is about hosting first ‘Festival of Nude Photography’ in 2018.
According to reports, the festival will be held in March 2018 in Cotonou, Benin Republic. And this festival aims to become the largest African event devoted to artistic nude photography by bringing together photographers and artists with interest in the body as a theme annually.

Festival of Nude of Photography is a popular artistic event in Europe which was started in May 2001 in Arles, a city and commune in the south of France. Since then, it has become an annual gathering of European photographers where nude photos are exhibited for public view and a local photographer would be honoured for great work of art.

Djamile Mama Gao, a Slampreneur and Cultural Journalist hinted that the theme of the maiden edition would be “interest in the body”.

“I created this festival to kind of shock people. I specifically want to make people appreciate this form of expressive art.”

“Beyond that for me, it is an event that seeks to present as ‘Nudity’ a means to repossess African culture. Which is more important to me. I want diffuse the notion that it is only Western cultures who have the prerogative to showcase their naked bodies.”

The subject of nudity is not very popular in Africa. This is because many people in the continent still consider nudity as indecent even though it is part of culture of some tribes.

Source : Africa to organise first ‘Festival of Nude Photography’ in 2018


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