WATCH: Punk-Mbira Band Chikwata 263's Song of Optimism in a 'New Zimbabwe'
Chikwata 263 pictured with the late Chiwoniso Maraire : Facebook

WATCH: Punk-Mbira Band Chikwata 263’s Song of Optimism in a ‘New Zimbabwe’

"a sappy-ass relevant song"

You obviously know what’s happened in Zimbabwe to be both historical and mind boggling from movie-isque political take overs  to bloc parties across the country and capital to some revolutionary tunes. Naturally, we have a big soggy and mushy spot in our hearts for this teapot shaped landlocked crazy house of stone. Speaking of Rock, (see what we did there?), our fave and probably only Punk Mbira Band Chikwata 263 released a song that resonates a lot with where Zimbabwe stands more so today (Inauguration day). The single/video titled Hope & Optimism makes you wanna hug somebody and perhaps even cry. Yeah, it’s a sappy ass song but a relevant one. Filmed by front-man, Tomas Brickhill’s brother – Liam Brickhill and Anel Wessells during the historical #SolidarityMarch it also features cutaways of Tomas soft rocking in the Art installation – Chibuku Disco by Yonamine & Friends. We missed seeing the rest of the band although we could hear Hector Mbira’s well represented sound as well as Blessed Drums and Ray Basss-ing away.

Enough chatter, have a watch and tell us what you think!


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