#RapidReview: UBu Destructs The Boyz #Ncosasa


There is a new wind blowing across Southern Africa. It started from down south, specifically in Durban, in a move to create their own unique sound that has been seen as a new sub-genre of House. Welcome to the world of Gqom people! Derived from ‘an onomatopoeic combination of click consonants from the Zulu & the Xhosa [Nguni House] language that represents a hitting drum’. Two young producers have emerged as the front-runners of this movement and you all know these mavericks as Destruction Boyz!

That wind seems to have reached Zimbabwe and the results might be catastrophic leg movements in clubs this festive season. Ubu an established House artist teamed up with the head of Veryus, Vereseless, to bring us what may be the first Gqom hit out of Zimbabwe. When this track hit our tracks on a slow Friday morning last week, our moods were transformed and our workspace became somewhat a resemblance to Eyadini, a popular spot in Umlazi, Durban!

This new heat, titled Ncosasa might bring detoxification track Zimbabwe so needs after the past weeks. The title its self is adapted from two words, ngcela (Can I – Ndebele) and kusasa ( Talk –Shona). The story is that a Shona guy met a Ndebele lady and in an attempt to chat her up, mixed the two words together to try and impress her. Thie concept itself is hilarious.

Ubu’s vocals have always melted our hearts, from the smash hit Ngizophakama, we already envisioned her as a leading vocalist in the Zimbabwean House scene. This new track proves all that. Her switch up of flows from soulful to sharp energised sounds is really a skill of note. We will never forget the bars she spits at the end which should leave a lot of Zim Hip Hop femcees in shame.

The versatile Verseless proves once again why he is one of the biggest musical talents in Zimbabwe. Apart from his surprisingly good Gqom beat he also added his signature beatboxing flavors to give a perfect anthem for keDezember!

So next time you want to chat your crush up, just tell her that “Ncosasa”, who knows? It might be the most hilarious thing you have said to her in those dry DMs!

Check the track out below and tell us what you think!


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