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The Unsung Heroes Of The 4th Chimurenga


As new ‘heroes’ rise, their voices ringing all across the country and reverberate across the world through social media. It’s easy to forget the unknown-knowns who championed what’s now being called the ‘New Zimbabwe’. A good deal sacrificed their freedoms and some even jumped 3 graves per second! Regardless of how their contributions were dumbed down and not publicised, we took it upon ourselves to pay tribute to them. Here’s our list of unsung heroes…


1. Jah Prayzah


Image Credit: Blacktoe TV


One of the biggest artists to ever come from Zimbabwe, Jah Prayzah has enjoyed an endorsement from our boys in the army. The Military Touch Commander’s music has been a cause of debate of late, prophetic to some as his lyrics have come into reality this past fortnight. Call him a prophet or an inside man but his 2016 Album Mdhara Vachauya drew major controversy with its title track in the middle of into political discussions and event.


However, this years album Kutonga Kwaro seems to have hit the mark with the title track being used across the divide by Zimbabweans this past week and especially in yesterday’s celebrations. Other songs like Ndini Ndamubata and Masoja seem to have a prophetic message to last weeks events. Well, that’s the power of art Y’all!

Shortly after our ‘independence’ he posted a picture of celebrations in Harare with the caption,

“I am so over joyed to see Zimbabwe come together United as one. The last time such love and joy in one place was present, I was not yet born, maive muna 1980, so I heard. And to top it all, it was all done in peace. Even though i was not there i am happy I was with you through my music and would like to thank you Zimbabwe for embracing my new album and letting it speak to you and your lives. Will be back home soon. Till then, let love continue to flow amongst you and be guided by God above all.” – Jah Prayzah (Instagram)








2. Itai Dzamara

Image Credit: HRW

The outspoken activist who began it all. Staging a one-man peaceful protest at the Africa Unity Square right front of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, demanding the stepping down of Robert Mugabe as President. He was arrested several times by the Zimbabwean police yet his movement kept growing with new protestors joining him every day.


Itai received a permanent detail of riot police assigned to monitor his activities during the #OccupyAfricaUnitySquare. He, however, disappeared on the 9th of March 2015 and has never been seen since. This victory goes out to him. A true pioneer!


3. Adv Fadzayi Mahere

Advocate Fadzai Mahere (Image: Masasi)


The good advocate so loved by a lot of people on the social media sphere expressed her desire to run for the Mount Pleasant seat in the 2018 elections. Her family heritage did not do her justice in the beginning but her honest and visible contribution towards the struggle finally go her the love of the people. She became the people’s advocate.


Fighting side by side with the #ThisFlag team and establishing her groundwork for her campaign and must we say. You are doing well sweetie! she has been an instrumental figure in this struggle, her role as the voice of the youth is greatly appreciated.


4. Doug Coltart

Doug celebrates with fellow Zimbabweans (Image: Twitter)

This is another hero of the 4th Cyber Chimurenga.The lawyer was always in the know-how of what is happening and one of the leading members and supporters of Pastor Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag movement. Tweeting the truth and sharing powerful posts from fellow comrades, Doug made sure that the revolution stayed alive on the internet.


Bringing together white Zimbabweans and their black counterparts in a time of mistrust but their unity for purpose surpassed it all. He was on the ground during the past week, sharing each moment until our triumph with the whole world. Cheers to the byte snipers!


6. Ali Naka

(FILES) Captain Thomas Sankara AFP PHOTO / PASCAL GEORGE

This shadowy hero of note has is on the frontline of informing the people of what is happening. From prophetic tweets from a year ago, his analysis has been spot on.


His identity has been questioned by many but he maintains his stance, fronting Thomas Sankara the legendary Pan Africanist as his display picture on Twitter. We honour this unknown hero, wherever he may be. May the Twitter fingers keep on keeping on!

7. Prophet Cynic

If you are looking real cynicism coupled with ‘slaps knee’ type of laughs we welcome you to this Twitter profile. His views on current events surely deserve a spot on Comedy Central.


This Papa whose display picture is a cartoon character from The Cleveland Show did not ask for tithes from his followers but they paid for the services in retweets and likes! An unknown hero. A legend. A comedian of sorts!


8. Major General SB Moyo

Major General Moyo addresses the crowd which marched to State House on Saturday the 18th of November calling for the stepping down of Robert Mugabe (Image: ZiMetro)

Not much is known about his cadre but that he suddenly popped on our screens on the early morning of the 14th of Tuesday informing us that the army had taken control of the country to weed out the criminal elements in our government.


Yeah right, that lit message on ZBC! serving us with a fire playlist of rhivhorushinari tracks for the better part of that particular Tuesday, he instantly became a favorite. We might not have much information shefu but that moment you appeared on our screens will always be etched in our minds, General Bae!






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