#ThatsSavage Of Misogyny & Giving The P For Free


Apparently, a bug is on the run on the TL that requires every male member of the Zim Twitter to assume that women are supposed to give up the P for free. By for free, we don’t mean that we are peddling prostitutes but we mean “Open up women, here we are. We are coming in!”. Well, it seems as though one @General_Zvobgo got the wrong end of this one as he went on a Twitter rant this morning titled ‘Zim Women Behaviour Thread’.

This thread did not give even give us the benefit of doubt and by us I mean, us Zimbabwean women (because I am a woman). I digress! We quote the first tweet,


For those who don’t speak Shona, Chigunduru is a street kid. Anyway, let’s get to the juicy part of this thread, which is when the savagery really came out.


What was savage about @General_Zvobgo’s thread was not the fact that he was upset, salty but the fact that he bundled up all Zimbabwean woman into a long list misogynistic statements. That includes assuming that he has control over how a woman uses her vagina to either give it up to him for free or with a charge. That means his assumption is, all Zimbabwean men or men, in general, should have a right to dictate whether or not a woman should sleep with him or become a prostitute. Assuming that ever Zimbabwean woman wants to be paid for their vagina, I think we skipped the part where the vagina was…. theirs!



Oh, here we go! The OG African male inferiority complex when it comes to white men. Here we go with the whole, “She is dating a white guy” thing again. Isn’t this exhausting? Aren’t you tired? WQell I am. next Tweet!


At this point, we can’t comment because we actually don’t know what happens in people’s relationships. It’s none of our business! Next!


For those who don’t understand what he is saying, he is claiming that there are women who actually run things to support themselves but have sugar daddies who work hard for them. Again we are so confused. Women are the ones with the vaginas right? Next!


So a woman who wants a guy with financial security is a problem? A woman who gets an education, a job and supports herself is self-absorbing and intimidating. Come on, guys! We can’t keep up.


When he uses the word ‘fuck’ here, he means sex between two consenting adults right? That means that it’s not an issue of rape, he was not hoodwinked into the act but actually agreed to the act. Again, we don’t get his point.


Yes! The woman’s purpose in life. Satisfying the male species, getting married, having five bouncing babies and also making sure that the first one is a boy because we don’t want a whole family of mahure (prostitutes)? At the same time make your own money, don’t ask for too much but then again, it’s a man’s job to provide. Again, we’re confused!


There we go with the slut-shaming them. It’s such a problem for a woman to have sex with whoever she wants, date who she wants, spend money on what she wants, be spoilt if she wants to or be a hipster and smoke a joint if she wants to. Why is it such a problem what she does with her vagina? Is her vagina for rent? No. Ok!


Finally, something personal. There is one personal individual that this is targeted to. I don’t know why all the Zimbabwean women had to be dragged into this misogynistic and rude outburst. Plus he was just in time for 280 characters. Lucky for us!

This thread uncovered a few things that hurt like the fact that we are in the 21st Century and men still think that women’s bodies should be policed in a certain way. They can’t sleep with that person or sleep with so many people. Feminism is on the rise, should women be comfortable with being kept and spent on? Of course, it’s unfair to assume that all Zimbabwean women, in fact, African women but it is a reality that most women are kept as an affair and so many more situationships. The question is, is this something we can okay in this century? Also, are we in a position to okay it? Who knows!

How true is it that most women would more likely white or have interracial relationships than date their own brothers? Do we have an inferiority complex that we need to deal with as women? Is there a reason why we find white men attractive and safer than black men? Are women so entitled? Have we trained ourselves to believe that when we give it up, we expect something in return? Are we bartering our bodies subconsciously and if so how do we make it stop? Should we make it stop? Is this the sexual freedom we have been crying for or this is another form of slavery in a world that batters different parts of us for worldly and material things?

One thing is for sure, @General_Zvobgo put his foot in his mouth a good number of times in this thread but he did bring about a lot of questions.  What do you think?


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